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Glove/Mitten prep tip.


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This came up on my FB feed this morning and I thought I would share it with you,  

@THOR recommends the Minwax  polyurethane spray on palm surfaces and E6000 for the seams. Both products are available at most hardware stores.  I got mine at Lowes.  Seems to work very well for me.





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Interesting, Sika 252 didn't last very long for me. Too soft and prone to tearing on cold groom. 

Shoe Goo lasts forever - if you can keep it from peeling at the edges. But it's so stiff that you have to use small strips/patches so you still use your hands to pick up things. 😆

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Really warm with over the cuff so your glove takes the abuse if you touch the snow over the jacket. Pay attention to sizing, they run small.


Or just let it run out and order again. 0-2 gloves a season based on 100+ day season. Less durable than Kincos, but way more pliable/warm.


Probably 0 gloves with the above tip. The Ozero variant on amazon are of a lower quality, fyi.

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I really wish someone would make a mitten with a thermoformed TPU palm/thumb that put all of the seams toward s the back of the mitten.  I did some pretty extreme cold weather testing for TPU sheets once and that stuff was awesome.  Really pliable when cold and really abrasion resistant.

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