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Waterborne surf adapter?


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  • 4 weeks later...

I bought one after reading your original post.  Hadn't heard about it before.  So far I'm loving it 🙂 My setup isn't pumping specific, I have a Loaded Dervish 1 with RKP Gullwing trucks.  I used to be able to pump it some, but not for very long distances.  Putting on the Surfborne adapter made it so that I can pump for a lot further now.  It's harder to drive the board with just the front foot as the board feels way looser, and the board is now 2" higher, but it feels good.  In fact I liked this feeling so much that I bought another deck (Loaded Omakase stiffer deck better pumper) and might have to buy another adapter too -- my son refuses to give up the board when we go out.  Thanks for your original question and making me aware of this!

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hi tpalka,

I ended up buying one as well!  I bought the surf adapter (for the front) and the rail (for the back).  As many people have said, it's a game changer - allowing for much much tighter turns, but also a lot more wobbly, esp. when pushing off.  

how long did it take you to install?  It took me much longer than I think it should, but perhaps that's b/c I didn't have a specific tool....

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I first installed it onto a Loaded Dervish board, and the drop-through was a bit of a hassle.  And my bolts had seized -- some salt water splashed onto them a decade ago -- and some had to be cut off.  But all said and done it wasn't much more than an hour.  Taking off the wheel and kingpin made everything accessible to work on.  

I didn't get the rail adapter, curious how you like it.  


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I ordered the adapter and rail with the 4th of July sale. 

I'm concerned about the height, but like the prospects of low speed pumping. I didn't connect with a Ripstick, hoping this will be much less of a toy that that was. 

The videos make it look fun, but all promo videos do. 😉

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Got mine, installed on a Loaded Vanguard, and went for a ride. Here's after about 3 min of playing around: 


First impressions:

1. Woah, it feels crazy tipsy when pushing. Like the pivot axis is 8" below your foot. It's not, but it took some mental recalibration. 

2. OMG it turns tight. I could make a 180 degree turn in just wider than a standard parking spot width. That's toeside, I don't have the confidence to do that heelside. 

3. Steering with one foot (while pushing) requires a delicate touch, can pretty easily steer the truck so far that it rolls under your ankle. 

4. Easy to pump some speed with rotational movements. 

So far, I LOVE it! Super fun and playful, can't wait to get some more miles on it. I like lower speed stuff, and this lets you really play at low speeds. It's crazy looking down and seeing the front axle at 45 degrees to straight ahead!

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I broke down and picked up a Loaded/Carver Bolsa with the CX trucks.  The Bolsa seems to have a much lower ride height than the same size carver decks.  The wheel wells are integral to the deck concave.

What a blast to ride!  I've always wedged the front trucks on my skateboards to create a more surfy style but never have achieved this level of turn.  I redrilled the forward truck holes to extend the wheel base another inch.  Riding bowls is now like an overhead day in the water...

Great leg training for the coming winter season.  The surf skates make you ride loose with lots of up and down weighting. 

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