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  1. Not behind the boat, but this sure looks fun. Board not as angled as a carving snowboard, but I love the smoothness and how he makes it back up to the top of the swell on most turns. Then picks up the wave energy and keeps on keeping on....
  2. Yes, we took an e-foil class as prep for wing foiling. It was fun -- I enjoyed figuring out the balance, the speed, etc. In the long run I think it'd lose the attraction though, and it's not completely silent. But it'd be a fun toy if you have spare funds. The really cool thing would be to learn how to pump them -- check out movies by "wake thief" on youtube. He jumps off his dock, pumps the foil board towards a passing boat, surfs their wake, and then pumps back! He's really impressive. Lots of good youtube videos about foil pumping on flatwater.
  3. The foil (hydrofoil) is incredibly efficient, and presents almost no drag in the water. One of the challenges of riding behind the boat is to not outrun it... Thus the turns back and forth, trying to keep at least a semblance of line tension. I had a few rides where my son was turning the boat gently, at just the right speed, generating a foot-high wake. I serendipitously got near the top of it and ended up "surfing" it, like an endless wave, riding it just below the spine, dragging the rope behind me, for 20-25 seconds. What an incredible feeling. The board is very twitchy, lots of the steering movement means shifting the hips 2" one way or another... Super cool way to get about the lake.
  4. This has been a fun way to while away a few days. Slalom skiing is more like carving, of course, but figuring out the balance of how to carve across the wake on a hydrofoil takes a lot of balance and timing. Good practice for carving on snow I think, in a cross-training kind of way. Unlike in some other types of sports, on a foil it needs to be initiated with the front foot -- like on snow -- otherwise the foil lifts and the turn is over And it's so sensitive to weight distribution... Anybody else messing with this? Tom.
  5. I first installed it onto a Loaded Dervish board, and the drop-through was a bit of a hassle. And my bolts had seized -- some salt water splashed onto them a decade ago -- and some had to be cut off. But all said and done it wasn't much more than an hour. Taking off the wheel and kingpin made everything accessible to work on. I didn't get the rail adapter, curious how you like it. tom.
  6. I bought one after reading your original post. Hadn't heard about it before. So far I'm loving it My setup isn't pumping specific, I have a Loaded Dervish 1 with RKP Gullwing trucks. I used to be able to pump it some, but not for very long distances. Putting on the Surfborne adapter made it so that I can pump for a lot further now. It's harder to drive the board with just the front foot as the board feels way looser, and the board is now 2" higher, but it feels good. In fact I liked this feeling so much that I bought another deck (Loaded Omakase stiffer deck better pumper) and might have to buy another adapter too -- my son refuses to give up the board when we go out. Thanks for your original question and making me aware of this!
  7. Board and bindings sold, boots still available.
  8. Hey Bill, I have these CarveCompany (same as Ibex) bindings for sale: PM me if you're interested... I'll split up my package. Thanks,
  9. We still get lots of powder days, but I think that opensnow.com has spoiled it for the smaller resorts. I run into so many more people from far away on those days. They see the opensnow forecast of 8" 3-4 days in advance, make plans, and sleep in the parking lot to get first tracks. I think the "X is going to get 2" more than Y, let's make plans to go to X" happens too. The approach of monitoring weather reports and checking the snow report at 5am seems somewhat obsolete these days. That said, there's a lot of powder still to be ridden. We had a 7" dump last Friday, huge (comparing to usual) lines by 9am, but by 10am everybody was spread out and things were back to normal, with plenty of fresh in the trees... As long as the storms keep coming, there's still a lot of good riding...
  10. Nice work! Winter is coming, it won't be long. Monarch (in Colorado) opened today, earliest since 1969!
  11. Great use for a fishing rod -- and what a beautiful board! I think that using the Fusion (or Rylo) with a longer pole like philw suggested would lessen the fish-eye... I'll bring an old fishing rod next time I go riding and try it out
  12. Great, so the process is pretty similar. I have to take out two SD cards (Fusion has one for each camera lens) and copy the contents to my laptop. I stitch the movies using their destop software (Fusion Studio), export 5K MP4 files. The export takes a long time and takes a ton on CPU -- my laptop becomes basically unresponsive for hours. Once that is done, I finish the montage in iMovie. For my amateur needs that seems to work well enough, but it is quite a long process... BTW, for me the follow-this software feature would have been the biggest selling point for Rylo over Fusion. The way you can "pan" the view while it's following the subject looked very cool. I'll try filming with a longer pole, too. tom.
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