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dumping at Meadows


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Originally posted by Dan

Hey, here's all that late spring snow those Pollyannas at Meadows kept talking about: <a href="http://www.nwac.us/~nwac/products/OSOMHM">13 inches overnight!</a>

Bachelor got 28". D-Sub, you *better* be riding today!

I was at Meadows yesterday, 7" new but blowing steadily, so freshies every run if you knew where the wind was loading it. If there was any way, any how I wouldn't lose my job I'd just call in with the Powder Flu this entire week.

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Originally posted by D-Sub

what a trip today. unfortunately visibility was pretty crap at times, and the snow was SLOOOW

but...MAN. lots of it. maybe summit will open tomorrow. northwest too perhaps

I spent the entire day wishing I was riding Bachelor on my 4807. Gonna play hooky and ride tomorrow at Meadows though!

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I'm very envious of you all. I need to play "good employee" for a few more days until I can cut loose. Have I mentioned I need to quit this job thing? Its kinda a pain in my neck. Oh, well? The benefits are good. But days like this are very aggrevating.

I'm so happy we are getting a some snow.

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G!@$%#%^ng it, I was just in p-town for the weekend. Now I gotta play good family man to Ed's good employee. They are talking about opening a few runs up here too but I dont know if I can jam it in. Glad to hear somebody in the NW gets to ride!

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Coverage is awsome. I'm sure it'll melt and compress down, but right now, everything on the lower mountain is ridible.

Randy: nice to meet you and share some runs.

Mike/Bonnie: guess we were just outta sink with eachother today :D

The rest of you: it was crazy crowded today (for a weekday), people parked down the access road and all. Saterday is gonna be nuts. Check ze forecast, tomorrow might be a rain out. Friday is lookin' good though, to bad I can't play hookey twice in one week :D

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Originally posted by P06781

Did cascade open today ? Just wondering , hope it doesnt rain tomorrow ....

No Cascade... Vista opened at about 1:15.

Got to ride my 4807 for the first time. That thing has gotta be the easiest-riding board I have ever been on. Rode it with softies today, next time I'll use plates, and I have a feeling I'm gonna like it even better withthe plates.

Took me a while to get used to how SOFT it is, especially torsionallyt - felt like I was folding it down the middle at times when I got it on some groom. REALLY easy to carve on it in soft groom, even in softies though!

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Originally posted by slopetool

Hi Guys - I'll be up at Meadows on Fri. and Bachelor on Sun. thru Tues. Yippee!! I've been a stellar employee for two weeks.

I deserve a break. lol! I'll see you bros up there!


Ed - hopefully we can hook up on Sunday.

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