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Maine shredders


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Hey hey. Who else is is here in the great state o’ Maine? Checking-in from Portland. Would love to meet up and follow some more experienced folks down some hills.

I’ll be at Sungarloaf Jan 30 - Feb 2nd, and again Feb 28 - Mar 2nd. Heading to Sunday Riv this Sunday, and often sneak up for to Shawnee when schedule allows (including mid week or nights). 

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Have fun at Sugarloaf!  Tons of carvers on that mountain.
Lots of Beckman-ism still linger in the ski school 🙂
Softboot Instructor Kirby/Brent:  they carved very well. 
They might not be able to help with setup but technique pointer they are on the money!


If you don't know the mountain: 
warm up(double runner lift):  Broadwalk(my favorite, wide and mellow), lower wintersway (narrow-ish), lower narrow gauge (usually less people)

intermediate stuff:  Whiffle Tree lift

Steeper run:  super quad/Skyline
Tote Road, King's landing, Hayburners, Sluice, Spillway, Competition(my favorite when star align, usually i don't like double fall line type)

Drop a line in this thread:


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My son and I are at the Loaf most every weekend, and at least my son is at Shawnee most every day after school... he is the only person on hard boots ripping imaginary gates every run...

I sometimes am at Shawnee, but more at the loaf... and I am the old guy with weird goggles who is doing his best...

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