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Bomber Butter?


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Is see "Bomber Butter" thread lubricant is not offered on Bomberonline.com anymore.   Never having seen it, I'm assuming it is a very thick petroleum lube.   I've never used it, but can see the benefit for some of the bolts on a binding.  What would be an equivalent product?

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12 hours ago, Wolf said:

Is/was Bomber Butter used on Fintec heels?  If so, are you sure it's petroleum based?  There are plastic parts inside Fintec heels that might not like petroleum.  Silicone maybe?

yes, I think the stuff was not petroleum based...but what do I know.  A "rub" package looks handy.  

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6 hours ago, *Ace* said:

Internet archive finds this. Sorry there is no MSDS documentation for ya. Just don't eat it...


So this does not look like silicone to me.  A "low temperature grease" would be a petroleum product no?

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Ok, I inquired of Walker at Bomber and he says this:

"I don't have any kicking around at the moment. It's called Arctic grease. From a quick search it looks like Jet lube and AMSOIL both make a similar grease. I think any low temperature grease without additives should work fine." 

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