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Looking for Racing gear!


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I've been racing  usasa alpine for the past couple of years and just started racing Norams. I am looking to step my game up. Ive been riding doneks for years but need somthing new. looking for race boards in good condition wether they be Oxess, SG, or Kessler(157-163cm)(178-183cm). Preferable have hole patterns for Allflex style plates. Speaking of plates! I'm also looking for an Allflex plates or a plate with a similar style. If you have boards or plates for sale please reach out ASAP, or If you know of any reps that would be interested in an up and coming snowboarder please comment bellow. 

Thank you!!!!

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On 2/9/2019 at 3:56 PM, Atom Ant said:

I have:

JJA 185 GS.  No Allflex, but would come with a slider/hinge style plate included.

Apex T1 Plate.  Have you ridden plates before?  This is a great starting point.

Misc. Other things if interested pm me.

Still available ? How much ?  Can you send me pics and specs please

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Welcome cashz123! It was a pleasure to meet you and see you race at Sunday River USASA.  Great style. 

I have a Kessler 180 with UPM inserts I could part with if you don’t have to have an Allflex right away. Ground once. You could try it first if you want. I’d give you a deal.

I believe yyzcanuck.com carries Allflex now as they are being distributed by F2. Nate got one there. Tell Andrea we sent you.


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Cashz123... Did you find what you needed?  I am in the process of moving and am in the mood (wife inspired, ha ha!) to unload most of my quiver, since we are no longer living in Colorado (now in SoCal... so longboard skating instead of carving up the slopes).

1. I have an New, Never used Prior WCRM (its a 17x length - need to confirm) and this was from the original run with the metal cap. (like this one: 

- I demo'd this once and bought one, but never got around to using it, as I had 4 other boards I liked to ride and I mostly went boarding when it dumped, so I rode a soft boot all mountain board to hit the trees and drop-offs.  Only rode alpine when we planned to meet people and I rode my shorter, more agile SG or Burton Alp 64.

2. I also have a Hot Shine in a 16? length that I found at a local shop that tried to do the Alpine thing but didn't work out for them.  It is also new and unused.

3. I have 3 sets of Bomber TD2 plate bindings, so I think can let go of one for you.

I'd be willing to do a package deal of the three items above for $550.  If interested, I'll confirm lengths and snap photos.



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