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Old UPZ boots


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Just now, AcousticBoarder said:

What is that on the bottom of your boots? It appears to be some magical boot bottoms for walking across an icy parkinglot!

I'm not sure what those ones are but there is a product called ski skootys. One with and one without ice traction spikes. 

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Oh my goodness.

Those thing at the bottom are call Ez-Walk or something like that. I use it all the time to haul ass from my vehicle to the base without wearing out the DINs. The DIN are in dire need to be replaced. Yes, the Ez-Walk are easy to remove and put on. I reckon they’re out of business for like maybe a decade?

As for hard booting, I have not done it in ages. I reckon the last time I swapped to step ins via my Madd 158 was 2006. So yes, I’m somewhat retired from alpine hard booting. 

19 hours ago, SunSurfer said:

@LeeW Had you looked at whether they would fit the new pattern tongues that make getting in and out much easier?

I have yet to inquire with Dan Yoja on that one. One thing for sure, they were extremely hard to get in and out with the grey tongue. However, it seems age has soften it up a bit or maybe the “know-how” to get in and out with ease these days. I ski all the time and those boots are what I use primarily. 

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