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TD1 bumper ooze

Gabe T

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I was just digging through a box with some old TD1 bindings.  When I looked at a plastic baggie where some purple bumpers were stored, I noticed a dark gooey substance.   Looked like part of one of the bumpers started to disintegrate into some primordial looking goo!  It looked like it ate right through the bag as the mess got stuck to an instruction sheet.  WTF is going on here?





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I don’t recall using any lubricants on the bindings but it could be possible that some substance got on them to cause that reaction.  

Some of the goo got on to the other bumpers but it looks like it could be cleaned up and they seem normal in terms of firmness.


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You remember that time when one of your kids was taking forever out in the garage (where you keep your snowboard parts) so you decided to see what the heck they were doing?  Then as you started turning the knob on the door to the garage you heard a hurried shuffling sound like something was being hastily discarded?  And then you stood there looking at your kid who had an expression like they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar?  Both of you probably decided to let that moment drop and just forget about it.  Probably shouldn't have let it drop...  

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