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  1. No and no. There is a photo in the second link showing the snowboarder without the foliage hiding the feet. I had visited the site before but completely missed seeing the carver. It was among several figures in a sculpture garden. Most of them were clustered together but the snowboarder was situated lower along the stairs doing its own thing.
  2. He was not my first choice at a guess. I was actually thinking about its debut at the Olympics in Nagano. Goggle shape and smaller head/helmet profile seem to be similar to Canadian team at the time. JJA was there too (damn he’s old!), but he’d need 3 more Olympics before winning the gold.
  3. It was a nice surprise when I came across this sculpture earlier this summer. I'm not sure when it was created or who it was modeled after but you can take your best guesses. A somewhat obvious candidate did come to mind for me. The sculpture was done by late Canadian artist William Lishman. Some links about the artist and sculpture location: http://williamlishman.com/blog/ https://urbantoronto.ca/news/2016/02/bridgepoint-hospital-unites-healthcare-arts
  4. Yes, this was referred to as the Contra which I believe was a name johnasmo came up with. I wouldn’t necessarily say that you can’t push it or ride it aggressively but it does have a different feel from what I’m used to. I still feel a bit more comfortable with being able to make subtle fore/aft weight shifts as needed when riding low with high edge angles. There are certain playful features I like in a board that don’t seem as compatible with having to ride so centered ...initiating a jump turn with a bit of a nose slide, flipping/pivoting the board 180, getting some pop by loading up the tail at the end of a turn. Not sure if this was something related to setup, but I also got the feeling of being too locked in at times when my weight strayed from being centered while I was low in a turn; when weight got too far back, it took a bit more effort getting back over to the opposite edge. Keep in mind that I didn’t spend that much time on the board and didn’t experiment with any tweaks in terms of setup. Sometimes it does take more time in different conditions to discover all its characteristics. This was also an early version of the board so I’m sure it will only get better with subsequent iterations.
  5. Yes, there were a couple of distinct designs he worked on this past season. They are not on the website. If you’re in line for a board, you may find out more about them. They are like those items at a Chinese restaurant that are only known to regulars or those that can read the Chinese menu : ) He did spend some time working on some new stuff including a line of high performance boards. (Actually these were the Sick Day protos/demos that Bruce sent to MCC) I believe one of the main changes had to do with a design change in the core profiles. I spent quite a bit of time riding a Nirvana version of this board. This was my preferred ride for fast firm conditions. Great ice performance and when things start to get a bit choppy, it still cut through nicely with plenty of stability. It definitely had a bit of a Wow factor when riding in more challenging conditions. It’s a rewarding board for those who like to ride aggressively; a bit more of a demanding ride. A friend of mine got one early last season and loved it. (Nirvana V4 was on the topsheet so that may or may not be the official name for it) I think Bruce may have sold only one or two other versions of this board last season. He also dabbled in a design that has sidecut/design features similar to the Thirst line of boards with his usual metal construction. After trying it out, I felt many of the same characteristics that I had read about from the Thirst board reviews: In particular the feeling of having to ride centered and being able to edge confidently without having to get too low. It was very easy to ride. Almost too easy! Once you get it on edge the board just goes and locks in nicely; it doesn’t seem to need or want any additional power/push from the rider. I can definitely see the allure of a ride like that but I’d say my personal preference is for a board that is a bit more dynamic; I still like getting that response from the board when I give it that extra push and like the ability to pressure the nose at times. Bruce seemed to really enjoy it. It’s one of those boards that you can ride all day without feeling it too much in yours legs.
  6. It could be argued that carving on an alpine snowboard setup has a lot more similarities to skiing than it does with a conventional duck stance setup on a soft boot board. As I became a more proficient skier I began to notice this more and more.
  7. The hill around here closed at the end of March so I'm done for the season. Most of the footage in this video was actually shot over a year ago in 2018. This was a version of a Nirvana Energy dubbed the 'Nuclear' Energy at the time. One of the characteristics of the design is a fairly large differential in sidecut between the nose and tail. I think 10 at the front and 14 at the rear if I recall correctly. The original thought behind the design/name was that it was going to provide some additional pop. That intended feature was actually not that noticeable. Yes, you could still get some pop out of it but I wouldn't say it was significantly more than some other Coiler designs. Nevertheless, I found the board to be a lot of fun and actually spent quite a bit of time on it this past season. I found it very versatile and playful. It could handle faster bigger turns yet was nimble when things got crowded. This T4 design performed well in firm choppy conditions, yet it was also a preferred board when the snow conditions were on the slow side; very easy to initiate at slower speeds. I also found it fun in soft fresh bumpy snow in terms of being able to feather a slide using my lower body.
  8. I know that he has built high camber versions of some of his models. Like Lowrider mentioned, there are other factors involved to get the desired effect you’re seeking. There are probably suitable options even without the higher camber.
  9. Looks nice! What sort of topsheet material is used? Is that a graphic print on plastic top? It almost has a textured look to it. When you refer to bent up and chipping metal is that from lift chair dings?
  10. Glad to hear you’re looking into joining the community! I started skiing around your age and I definitely think that experience along with your boarding experience will help. No pressure, but I’d expect the same. : ) Just this past week, I had the experience of helping out a newbie get her first taste on an alpine board. She has skied for a few years and more recently took up snowboarding as well. After expressing some interest in trying it, she was on a setup within a week! (I often hear comments from people wanting to try but most never follow through with it) Bruce was kind enough to loan her his wife’s equipment to try out. We’re into the spring conditions these days but the quietness of the hill made it ideal to learn and get a feel for the equipment. I had seen that she was pretty competent on skis and board so was pretty confident she could pick it up. Took a couple of short runs accompanied with some tips and that was pretty much enough to get her going on her own. I met up later to check on her progress and she was already carving linked turns. : ) I was a bit surprised when I found out later that she had only been snowboarding for less than a year! Confident that she will be pursuing it further and getting her own equipment. Would be happy to help you out if you’re ever at Mount St. Louis.
  11. My early impressions from riding T4 designs was that they generally had better edge hold and were able to power through choppier crumbly conditions more effectively; cut through nicely without getting bounced around as much. The other difference is that it had a slightly harsher feel compared to T3. However, it should be noted that other design features of the board will also impact its ride characteristics. Although the T4 designs had provided some of the best edge hold I’ve experienced on a Coiler, I have recently felt comparable edge hold on a recently built T3 design.
  12. The Apex system does seem better given that the boot seems more integrated for fit with the strap in shell. Didn’t watch all of them but the speakers in their videos speak of not losing performance which is hard to believe. I would think their target market would be more suited to the intermediate skier. The riding in the vids were pretty decent though. I assume you could snowboard in the boots but didn’t see this mentioned as a selling point. Would be an interesting concept to design something similar for hardboots though. Similar idea to this softer Deeluxe hybrid boot noted in another post but with more versatility of switching into soft boot bindings. Or better yet, a design that has the versatility to allow for direct mounting to a board as well. In effect it could become a stiff softboot binding.
  13. Our hill has traditionally hosted our Provincial Alpine snowboard championships and that is where I would see a large number of younger riders participate in the sport. I wonder how many of them actually continue to ride once they are done with their racing programs. In all my years of riding, I'm not sure I can recall meeting any carvers that had a racing background when they were younger.
  14. Gabe T

    Bromada 2019

    Looks like a hand held pole cam with the pole removed in post processing.
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