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  1. I’ve seen various F2 parts fail but t nuts is the most common failure. I often need to replace them either from breakage or warping. I’d say I replace at least about 3 or 4 each season. A friend of mine breaks a crap load of them too. Yeah, the wiggle test is good idea at the end of the day or when heading out to spot signs of trouble. Taking the bindings off the board for the occasional inspection is also a good idea as warping of the t nuts is usually a sign of pending breakage. (Lift off the dampening pads to inspect the t nuts.) I’ve also seen a few bail failures and experi
  2. It would be interesting to know what the real statistics are for the industry past and present. Sales, participants, demographics etc. If these kind of stats were available, it would give us a better sense of where things are heading. Seeing the numbers around the time Burton pulled out would have been interesting too. I think the idea of growing the sport through racing was to inject some youth into the sport, thereby ensuring its longevity. For this to make sense, one would need to have a sense of past trends. (i.e. what happens to that youth demographic as you move through the t
  3. If they started racing 20 years ago and were still riding alpine, then they would no longer be kids today. : ) Where are they now? I just get the feeling that even if you get kids into racing, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a life long passion. I think there are many reasons kids might get into racing. Being deeply passionate about the sport may not be everyone’s motivation. Even for those who are more serious and competitive that dedicate most or all of their snow time to alpine during their racing years, I wonder how many continue to do the same once they stop racing.
  4. This happened to me a few years ago when I happened to be carving in softboots. I did my usual shoulder check before starting down the run and noticed a couple of people standing behind me. One of them said something like “go ahead, we just came to watch”. One of them had seen me earlier and brought a friend to check it out. Finished the run, then got high fives from them. : ) They were both skiers as well. Just this past weekend, the Provincial championships were being held at my home hill. I did some runs under the chair that included some 180 switch transitions. A few runs l
  5. In case you were wondering, this was a reference to photo finish tie with 2 winners. if this were the Olympics, would that mean no Silver? Btw, this was first of back to back events. There was another race the following day. Burns lost to JJA but made it to semis the next day. What happened to Ester this season? Is she skiing most of the time? Just saw she did win another ski race earlier in season. Also won PGS race this season but looks like not entered in most events?
  6. Looks like a good time. Collision at 6:54. Tsk tsk! Looks like folks were fine but that looked totally avoidable. What brand of boards were people riding?
  7. Wondering how cold temps affect battery life in the more recent models. Watched some reviews about the 8. Seemed like improved stabilization over the 7 but no ability to change the lens cover if scratched or damaged on the 8 was a common complaint.
  8. I saw a video about the recommended fitting method of heating the boot shell instead of the liner. My only experience with customizing liners has been with Deeluxe thermos. I’ve got some hotspots (navicular bone, base of small toe) that were addressed through heat molding only; no need to punch out shells. Will the Zipfit method transfer enough heat to the inside of the liner to have the same effect? Can the molding process happen more than once (e.g. if one decides to change boot shell models)
  9. My experience has been the similar sentiment with the article. Once my technique was refined, I found myself to be much more confident with my heel side turns. The body angulates more naturally in that position and it’s the side that feels more powerful when edging. It also feels safer when you happen to lose grip; a bit a hip slide if you’re already low and you can pop back up and continue if you’re carrying enough speed. Nothing worse than the dreaded toe side chatter on ice when you’re going Mach 10! The differences are most noticeable for me when conditions demand fast transition
  10. What does 6,6, 7,7 in US size represent? Were they supposed to be .5? Why does cm column have duplicate values? Typos?
  11. Similar failure happened to me many years ago I make it a point to always remove my liner now. Even on cold days, I am sometimes surprised at the snow that manages to get inside the boot. It must get in there through the gaps that get created when the boot flexes.
  12. Curious if you take out the liner regularly for drying out boots?
  13. I’ve always wondered why they were included as standard. Don’t all intec compatible boots already have t nuts built in? I think only some very early model boots e.g. Raichle 123 would need them for installation.
  14. No and no. There is a photo in the second link showing the snowboarder without the foliage hiding the feet. I had visited the site before but completely missed seeing the carver. It was among several figures in a sculpture garden. Most of them were clustered together but the snowboarder was situated lower along the stairs doing its own thing.
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