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Big Sky April 19-22


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Morning was typical spring with overnight freezing conditions.  Everything was hard until sometime after 1pm.  Then Hero Snow to the extreme.  The forecast has changed, 1 to 3 inches overnight (which means-maybe lots).  Dakota, Shedhorn, Challenger, Powder Seeker, and the Tram were closed all day.  Really high winds, which will Load everything on the Peak and South Side.  Swifty was on and off.  The South side should be killer with the winds that we had.  Maybe another epic day tomorrow at Dakota.  My son is here for the last day.  He smokes me in bad conditions.  Busted out the Burton Coil for the Corn today.  Was waaaaay fast :eek:, and too much fun.

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We're getting snow.  They've been changing the forecast from 1" to 3 to 5".  We've had at least 4" so far.  The winds were fierce blowing from the Southwest and filling in everything.  The wind and snow are now coming from the Northeast and doing a refill at no charge (unlike Starbucks).  Should be good tomorrow if the wind dies down.

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