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Stripped inserts


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Tomorrow... tight time line!!!

You could drill the holes out then put t-nuts through the base. Your carving so you'll be on the edges anyway. You could later on buy the inserts with p-tex on the base and put them in for a permanent fix.

Good luck!

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Go to a ski shop. A real one. They can likely install a heli-coil in the stripped hole.

Bring your base plates so that they can install them where you need them to make sure you are good to go.

PS. I don't know if you have or not , but I would definitely try to let the seller make this right before publishing details on line.

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thanks for the ideas guys.

as for the seller ...it is physically to late for him to make this right as it was a time sensitive purchase. my vacation started two hours ago and now I am on the way to "home depot" instead of on the road to the mountains....

i am not mad at the seller, I made the choice not to buy a new board from a reputable dealer. we create our own destiny :)

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