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  1. I would absolutely love to attend this event.
  2. Anyone in the Scottsdale area planning any trips?
  3. Carve Company / Ibex / Burton Race binding cants
  4. He was sending it to the USA, Santa Monica California. According to their website transfers to US bank account is not currently available. But his PayPal deposit worked fine
  5. I’m trying to Sell a board to someone in Canada. What method should I tell him to use to send me Payment? Every method he’s tried so far does not work for US banks. Shipping is not an issue because I’m sending it to an address in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan USA
  6. Donek Incline 164cm (29.5cm waist). $400.00 Fantastic shape 9/10 Sidecut: 9-11m If you have big feet this is a gem! It carves like a dream in floats on powder. I am only parting with it because it was a temporary board so I could test out soft-boot carving Duck with a fat waist.
  7. Looking for : donek BX Plate
  8. Donek Knapton Twin 31 waist
  9. I will take the boots . can you check express shipping to Losa Angeles 90049.  I need them by next Thursday.

    Are you selling the whole binding or just the plate 🙂







    505 S Barrington Ave #1

    Los Angeles CA 90049

  10. What Size shoe do you use?
  11. Women's beginner board and bindings. She is a very aggressive soft boot rider. So she already rides at an advaced level. I am trying to get her on a Carving Board. She is 5'4" and 115 lbs
  12. Thank you guys for the offers. I have to find some boots first.
  13. want to sell my boots back? LOL

    1. beastrider


      LOL. I promised you'll get first dibs if I sell them. I did just sell my Thraxis boots though. I messaged you about them before I listed them. Wasn't sure if you got the PM cuz of the site change and all.

  14. Anyone have any equipment to sell in the So Cali area? I need everything. Tring to make it to mammoth this weekend if I can buy some gear. Boots Mondo 30 Need to buy boards, boots, and Bindings
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