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Here we go! "Board Build Off" at the 2013 SES

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And yet another first at the 2013 SES:

"Board Build Off"

We have gone to great lengths to select only the finest board builders in the world to participate in this build off. Shamelessly stealing from the success of Discovery Channels "Biker Build Off" these board builders will show up at the Banquette on Friday with their best work hoping to win your vote.

Currently the line-up of builders in this freak-show are:

  • Sean "Run the Math" Martin with Donek Snowboards
  • Bruce "More Beer" Varsava with Coiler Snowboards
  • Frank "The German Freight Train" Dietzel with Virus Snowboards
  • Ron "Rocket Man" Fechter
  • and possibly a few underdogs who's names are not worth mentioning here

If you feel you can make a board for this competition, please drop me a line and convince me you can show up and run with these big-dogs. E-mail below.

Rules? There are no sticking rules. These board builders will build a board to blow the socks off people for the banquette on Friday. Technically it should be a ridable board, but of course that can be subjective.

The people at the banquette vote and we have a winner.

Be there.


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Quote from Bruce's political-style tear-down:

"... like a hooker with too much make-up..."


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