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Couple pics from N.I.C.E.


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#1 is awesome! Nice lighting, most of the carve is visible, beautiful backdrop! I'm always envious of the folks who have mountains to play on:)

Thank you! My home mountain isn't bad, but I think that Schweitzer has us beat for views -- when it clears up and you can see the lake, that's really something..

Thanks Dan for the pics and great to see and ride with you again. Yes, I too like pic#1. I would have to admit that the pic is of me, later in the day on Ridge Run I believe.

Hey Mark! Yep, that's you - feel free to grab yourself a copy of the photo if you like, I think I put the high-res version up on Photobucket. (If not, LMK and I'll e-mail it to you.) Pleasure riding with you again, let us know if any Thirst boards become available to demo :-)

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And here's my favorite picture from that trip.... I can't get good action shots with my camera, but the scenery sure is pretty......


They were ready to go and I asked them to stop for a minute! Kind of why Dane was sliding down toward Kram! I think this was on the top part of Ridge Run

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where are the people?? always jealous of wide-open, unpopulated slopes.

Yeah! Schweitzer is REALLY not crowded -- it's kind of amazing if your local hill (like mine) is close to an urban area and semi-busy even mid-week. Mid-week at Schweitzer it's possible to do a whole run without seeing anyone other than the people you're riding with.

So...you should really come next year!

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crazy. there were line-ups on the chair (at cypress) last night at 9pm. meat gates abound.

the family has a place on lake pend oreille, and we're there quite a bit during the summer, but i've never been to schweitzer with snow on it. will try to get out there next year...

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