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Need TD3 advice


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The TD3 bindings are good even up to M31 and a little beyond. There is something else going on here.

- Double check that the sole block are indeed on the last/farthest set of holes on the Base Plate.

- And this is in by now means designed to be a cruel question: you are using the "Toe Clip" on the toe of the boot, correct? I actually get about one call/e-mail a year where someone cannot get the boot to fit and they are trying to use the toe clip as a heel clip. So I have to ask ;)

Still an issue, let us know how you have them set-up (pic?) and we'll go from there.

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This is the point where i go to the shop and drill and tap new holes but i'm sure Fin would not like me suggesting that. From your previous top down shot it looks like there are dimples on the top plate that would suggest where more holes could be drilled and tapped for a longer spread in the heel and toe bales. Can you confirm that by taking off the toe block. If that proves correct i'm sure replacements will arrive as quick as you can say jack's your uncle.

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Ithere are no dimples,i think thats the flash on my camera,there is more metal under the blocks but it wont leave much for the blocks to sit on.hopefully Fin will have some good news.right now i'm bummin,brand new Donek dying to be ridden :)

Last idea is to get a little more length from the toe and heel bails by unscrewing the banjo joints. You have to be real careful you still have good thread depth in all four joints and make sure everything is good and snug after reassembly.

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If you don't have enough length on the plate ask Bomber about TD3 Long Plates (super secret product available by request only). I wear size M30 boots the regular plates are not long enough. Due to punching out the shells I need the long plates to get the boot bias set correctly over the board.

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