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Taking the plane with boards

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Soft bag, pad the ends of the board (cardboard or foam ) and wrap your coat and pants around it. A stip of electrical tape around the edges protects other items included in bag). Tape the straps up before checking luggage less tangential velocity when baggage handlers wind up to toss your goods. Check airlines for exta fees and oversize.

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As Lowrider says. I have a big padded Oakley wheel bag, I get 2 boards in + my clothing so I only have to check in 1 piece of luggage. I use cardboard at the end of the boards and clothing for extra padding. I've seen ski bags in edmonton fall down from a truck while it was carried to the plane. Ne reassuring.

I've always checked in my ski boots as carry on and never had any problems. Reduce the weight of my luggage and I know I will have my boots. Boards and bindings are easy to find, boots that fit properly, not so easy.

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Just returned to Michigan from FL via Delta. Changed planes both directions for connecting flights and experienced lost luggage each way.

Board trips, I travel with SporTubes and had one miss a direct flight about five years ago and waited 5 hours for it to arrive Denver. Have shipped gear via FedEx since and it works great. Much less hassle getting in and out of the airport without all that gear.

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