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  1. Dimanche matin je vais y être
  2. Ils devraient ouvrir d'ici la fin de la semaine ou ce weekend.
  3. You have to find the boot that works for your feet. Driver X are amazing but they don't fit my feet at all. I went with the Ride Insano and they have been really good to me. As for bindings we have more and more choices. I found that the Ride El Hefe works good for me. After 15 years exclusively on hardboots, I've been slowly riding less and less alpine every year and more and more softboots. Of course nothing carves like my .4 metal Coiler but dang these news boards / binding / boots are coming really close.
  4. TD2 have been sold also. Make me an offer on the board if interested.
  5. Update on this one. Gecko's have been sold to Miroslav. Board is still available. Took out the Gecko and it's super clean underneath.
  6. Kessler 159, 19.5 waist + Apex gecko (silver limited edition) For sale is a very good condition Kessler 159 4x2. A few little things here and there but nothing major. The board belonged to Caroline Calvé a retired Canadian Olympic team rider. It was a back up board, so when I bought it from here it hadn't been ridden much or raced. The board was tuned and structured by her tech and it's still looks good. I rode this board about a dozen of time with about 2h every time in the morning in the last 2 years. Never been raced be me either. Tons on edge left on the board. I weight 170 and it's plenty of board for my weight. She was 5'10 and 165 (wiki pedia) and the board felt perfect size and flex. The combo Kessler and Apex worked flawlessly for me. Very simple and effective. I nicknamed the board the little ninja assassin. At 165 I need to be very aggressive with the board all the time, it's not hard to ride but you have to be on your toes and ready. So i'm guessin it could work for someone heavier. I'm offering the board as a kit right now A) Board + Gecko for 900$ USD plus shipping. Just the gecko are worth 500$ US and the Kessler 1200 US for a rack board. They are in A1 shape also. Limited rare silver edition. Last Kessler SL that sold here 162 was sold 750$. I will be in NJ next week (Saturday) so I can ship the board to and from the US so the shipping costs are lower and faster. Otherwise I'll ship from Canada. We all know the drill Paypal friend so I don't loose any money or for our Canadian friends we can go interact. If you want the TD2 it's possible to sell them also we'll talk then. I've been a long member of this community and have sold many boards. I'm just slowly drifting away from hardboots for softboots. So is my quiver. I'm down to my 3 fav boards and it breaks my heart ! Like most of us I'm anal about my boards and they are in great shape. message me for more pics or questions. I posted more pics on alpine snowboard trader.
  7. Oberson à Laval vont recommencer à tenir de l'équipement de carving. Ils ont présentement des F2 à 30-40% de rabais. Ils vont avoir des bindings et des bottes Deeluxe l'année prochaine en stock. C'est toujours bon à savoir.
  8. I've used TD2 on softboot Prior without any problems in the past.
  9. I'm sure if you talk to JJ he will explain his rational and you'll get more information that you can probably process. He is usually very available if you e-mail him or even over the phone.
  10. Ernie00


    J'ai dit ça aussi. Mais tu vas avoir avec la qualité des bottes molles et fix maintenant ton 2-3 jours la première année va se transformer en 4-6 l'autre et 10+ après. L'avantage c'est que tu peux rider plus quand les conditions sont pas parfaite pour carver et quand même avoir beaucoup de plaisir à carver. Ya rien qui bat un matin groomé parfait seul sur la montagne avec ma coiler. Malheureusement c'est pas la réalité. Ca fait profiter du bois, de la poudreuse et tout ce qui est entre ça.
  11. I do find myself carving in the morning on hardboots and in the afternoon using a soft boot setup but still for carving and riding all mountain style. Up until last year it was 100% hardboots for the last 15 years. Kinda fell in love with softboots carving again this past year with the quality of board / bindings / boots we didn't have a few years ago. If we did I wasn't aware of it :)
  12. Yah, having flash back, if I remember well I bought the board locally from Kijiji from a guy who also lives here in Montreal. That thing was a beast... needed so much speed and our runs are too narrow so I had to let it go.
  13. I'll check if I still have pictures somewhere in my old files. Lowrider do you remember what year you bought the board ?
  14. I've been dedicated hardbooter for the last 15 years. Last year I tried a few softboots board / boots / bindings. So many choices. This year I have a few softboots setup in the quiver and it's very impressive how well it carves and it's fun to ride. Nothing will beat my .4 coiler on a quiet groomed morning, but I'm definitely having fun on my soft setups and it's a lot more versatile. I would say this year it'll be 50/50. I've seen a few people that I know who is slowly moving away from hardboots. Not sure if it's a trend across all of us but it won't help hardboots sale.
  15. In the quiver I have a 2008 Race carve from Coiler, I still use this board regularly and it doesn't show any signs of weaknesses.
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