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Making board stiffer


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Is there a way to making a board stiffer?

Would plates (donek, bomber etc) make any difference on flex of the board?

I have a board i wish was little stiffer in the middle (between bindings)

I also remember seeing something that goes on the nose and tail of the board.


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Many questions but! A plate will only allow a board to do what it should do better. Allows the board to bend without flat spots from bindings and boots. A plate will give you better hold on ice , moderate washout on irregular terrain, smooth out bumps and prevent front leg fatigue. Why do you think your board needs to be stiffer ?

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I would look at plate systems such as the Vist or Donek's F Plate. These types of plates are what I describe as "flex modifiers" in that they are not 100% decoupled from the board and thus have a tenancy to add stiffness between the feet.

A true isolating board that uses mechanics such as pivots and slides (like our Boiler Plate models) has been found to actually make a board softer. By allowing the board to now flex uninhibited from the rider, bindings, etc. they tend to allow the board to flex "more". This was one of the reasons most board manufacturers found they needed to slightly stiffen the front (and in some case, the entire board) of the board when full isolating plates came out.

So if you need to firm a board up, go with the Donek F plate IMHO.

The other items you are referring to are the Tinkler "Snow Stix". They are designed to allow adjustability of the nose and/or tail of a snowboard. They tend to not affect the area between your feet.

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wider stance 19-21 = stiffer

narrow stance16-18 = softer

Agree to disagree; not stiffer, flatter. A board is what it is don't try to interfere with it's design, compliment it with a plate and enhance what it has. If you are too heavy for a boards design get a stiffer board. Using a plate on a familliar board will reveal many different boards. By moving the plate and bindings around you will experience many new posibilities. I applaud Fin for directing you to others products but if you are too heavy for the board you have using a plate won't really provide you with the answer you are looking for. If you are a racer go with a stiff plate if you are a rec rider under 180 # get the Boilerplate lite.If you are too heavy for the board you have as much as i like and recommend plates i'd replace the board first. If you ride perfect groom the plate is less likley to impress you if you ride man made chop and ice a plate would be my first choice.

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What board are we talking about?

What is your weight?

Gone through this process a number of times. It almost always ends up with the rider buying a more appropriate snowboard.


Is it worth drilling and installing inserts in the board?

Buying snowstix and or a plate (we are talking about potentially hundreds of dollars.

Do you mind adding weight to your board?

If you provide better details , BOL'ers can provide better advice.

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