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Is this safe? Striped TD3 lug bolt


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After I adjusted the bail height on my sidewinders I was tightening the screw on the lug shaft and just as i was finishing it off it felt like it stripped. On closer inspection I could see the the square recess on the other lug had actually stripped and the shaft was spinning in the lug when I turned the screw in the other lug. the bail assembly is solid, no wobble so the screw should be plenty tight. I just want to make it work for a couple of days as I'm away from home. Here's a pick of what I'm talking about. You can see it's a very tiny recess in the lug, so I dont think it's really been compromised. Whaddayathink?:smashfrea


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Thanks all. I came to the same conclusion last night. I figured if it was tight enough to strip the recess, it was tight enough to ride. Rode it, no problems, just checked Every time I clipped in. I've got some TD3 lugs at home I'll swap out when I get back. As mentioned, the problem will be getting the screw out. I think I'll have to file the lug enough to expose the flat edges of the shaft so I can get a hold of it with some wrench or vice grips.:smashfrea

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