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Setting up TD2's


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I just got my first alpine board and got some TD2 bindings.

The bails seem to be very flimsy, the spring is very worn down. :(

Anyways I looked on the bomber site and as for parts - the springs are sold out.

In the TD3 parts section, it specifically says the heel will not fit on TD2 bindings.

Anyone know what I can do?

I seem to recall people on here saying that some of the TD3 parts can go onto the TD2 binding, what is interchangeable, and what do you guys suggest?

I cant afford to get fin-tec heels and SI's atm.


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So on


Could anyone correct me if I'm wrong,..

But I should be able to order

Part F x4 = $48

Part G (lug) x8 = $32

Part O (lug shaft) x4 = $16

then the bails would be interchangeable I assume?

If anyone knows that would be great... These bindings would be wonderful if I got em working like TD3's :)

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Used it for about 20 days, no prob. The following parts were fully interchangeable: shoulder lugs (one side only), toe/heel bails. I currently use titanium bails on TD3SW. I used my friend's handpiece drill to cut the baseplate. I used up two carbide burs in the process, though....

I've only used it for 20 days before switching to SW fully so my experience is rather limited. Having said that, TD2 baseplate was strong enough for TD2 binding, TD3 toe/heel blocks were strong enough to be used on TD3, so I don't see any issues. Of course, doing this will void the warranty on the binding, hehe...

You need to order the following parts:

Part E (4), Part F (4, two heel blocks and two toe blocks), Part G (4 of those if you intend to cannibalize existing TD2, otherwise 8), Part H (2), Part O (4), Part Q (4).

If you want to take the advantage of low-profile TD3 clip, Part M, one or two depending on your set up or degree of overhang.

Hope this helps.

NOTE: It will cost you $90.20 + P&H. Part M will cost extra $19. For part O, you need to order M6x16 flathead, TD2 toe/heel blocks use m6x12 which is too short for TD3 blocks. Probably BlueB's suggestion is the most economical solution, since it's the least expensive option! If you have a friend who has an access to drills that can cut the baseplate, and if you want to take an advantage of better TD3 bail management system, then this is the probably the least expensive option.

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