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  1. This picture just in from Chile. He must have run out of gates to go fast around.
  2. Here is a timely update on this 2009 thread ;-) Jules is now 22 and still at it, fully dedicated to our sport. He made it to the big leagues (the racing shot was taken in Cortina last December). Of the original young carvers who were mentioned above he has raced the Winters several times (Cody and Billy). Are any of the others still active -- Arclite, KingCrimson, spil, aactis?
  3. Jules en a acheté un de 195cm cet été à la boutique de ski Austrian sur Monkland à Montréal. 180$
  4. Robin (v3rse) l'a fait l'an dernier. C'est habituellement une seule piste qui part du sommet (Beauvallon), qui suit un tracé pas très large entre des clôtures et qui aboutit à la télécabine. Pas vraiment une place pour carver. Difficile de prévoir les conditions pour la mi-décembre. En 2012 c'était ok. Il y a 2-3 ans c'était vraiment limite; de la neige transportée pour tracer une "piste" de 4m de large par endroits.
  5. 21h03 jeudi soir: ils approchent de Sault-Ste-Marie après 10 heures de route. En auto. Il en reste autant. Quelle passion! C'est déjà un exploit de s'y rendre. Amusez-vous bien; on surveillera ça http://www.live-timing.com/race2.php?r=43614 Louis-G
  6. I bought a Swoard Extremecarver 175H last November to complement a quiver that consists mostly of SG Full Race T boards (both with and without plates). After a few runs of getting accustomed to the added width I got totally addicted to the Swoard. Agile, predictable, stable at speed and with superb edge hold on ice and hard pack. It even cuts through crud quite nicely. It loves to be ridden EC style, works great for BOL-style freecarving, and I had a lot of fun racing it through various GS courses (without plates it was no match for a heavily rutted course, though). So far this year I had about 45 days on snow, each time bringing 2-3 boards with me - ready to ride. Overall, I ended up spending the most time on my Swoard having a ball. Swoard configurations that did not work for me: Donek plate, TD suspension kit, zero lift. I have zero powder experience to share. Cheers, Louis
  7. Je seconde Stéphane: Stratton Tes critères me rappellent que le Che aurait dit: 'Soyons réalistes; exigeons l'impossible'
  8. BOLsheviks ? (Those riding plates would be BOLsheVists)
  9. Très intéressant Cabby mais attention: pente savonneuse. Je crains qu'un post comme ça puisse t'attirer des ennuis de ton employeur. L-G
  10. You get a good peek at the plate system on that video from 0:58 to 1:44 http://www.rds.ca/ski/chroniques/326869.html
  11. ...even junior racers won't leave home without plates on their SL board. This was last month in Chile.
  12. My experience is that jams happen only in wet snow when it packs up under my toes. It makes it impossible to lower the heel flush and latch the pins. The problem is more acute with Cateks than TDs as the Catek toe block has more surface and no void in the center.
  13. I acquired, viewed and appreciated "Carved" as a work of art. And I still love it. I never thought of calculating how many pennies per second it sells for (silly me). Maybe Jonas Rejman had to figure it out when he created that film on a shoestring budget.
  14. Il semble que les terrains du "Domaine du Cerf" soient situés au Massif du Sud, à 100km de là... http://www.massifdusud.net/doc/Village_de_montagne_Massif_du_Sud.pdf
  15. ...and today a junior riding the home built contraption depicted in post #764 above won the U15 race at Owl's Head to finish the Coupe Québec season #1 in that category. In rain and fog on a course that got rutted almost knee deep in a hurry.
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