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Intec questions!


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Three Questions<O:p</O:p


Are Intec binging safe?....I was always afraid that I would not be seated properly and pop out on a hard turn and die.<O:p</O:p


What is the difference in Fin-tec and Intec…what do you recommend.<O:p</O:p


Why do I need a step in for the front boot?<O:p</O:p

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1) I have never heard of a properly installed Intec heel failing....as long as the pins are seated they aren't coming out, I can feel when the pins seat properly

2)Fin tecs are all metal and probably more durable

3)you may not, I like having both though I have only made a hip quick release for my rear boot

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1) Yes. Just make sure you set up the bindings correctly.

2) There's no f'ing way I'd buy Intecs over Fintecs. Plastic guts vs. metal guts. Support the US company that lives for your business vs. a foreign company that doesn't give a crap about you. No contest.

3) Totally personal preference. I don't like to bend down unless I have to.

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