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What board etc. for new rider


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Hi there new guy here.

Hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

I've read the FAQ's and they've been great help.

I am thinking of getting an alpine board next season because that's basically all I do is carve.

Wondering if someone could tell me what size board I should get. Speed isn't so much a big deal for me as carving ability and quickness. I'm 220lbs, and fairly aggresive rider, and somewhere between a Intermediate/advanced rider on my regular board.

Also are there any shops in Southren Ontario where you can demo or rent boards?

Anyways thanks, and hello!


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So what size board would I want to try out?

what are you riding now? Think about staying within about5-10cm of the board you are used to riding. I'm about your size and prefer boards in the low to mid 170's, but it also depends on where you ride - big wide open western slopes I'd go longer. smaller hills or tighter eastern style mountains I'd go a lottle shorter.

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