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TD3 Sidewinder SI mod ready to test


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I plan to test my first mod to allow use of my Fin-Tec Stepin boots on a TD3SW binding this coming week.

A few details:

Only Bomber binding parts were used.

Mods can be undone without any major damages to the components used.

Alignment of the axis of the "sidewinder" pivots is maintained.

Maintain the main features of TD3 step-in bindings with the additional benefits

of the Sidewinder design.

I took photos during the process / changes. I will post photos after I have tried the mods out.

These mods are NOT recommended nor approved by anyone associated with Bomber Industries.


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So Snowman deleted his thread about the Sidewinders SI (FIN caught him on his embargo :eplus2::eplus2:).

Hey, Bryan good job. You can send me the pics, can't wait to see them. Happy testing!:cool::cool:

I am waiting for those kneesavers.....

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May be a solution could be a thinner plate between the e-pads and the intecreceiver for mounting it to each other (instead of the normal soleblock). Can't be that hard to design with the right software and machinery. We'll see.

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USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK!! This is a mod NOT tested nor indorsed by BOMBER or even myself for that matter.

The test was done at MHM today. My mods worked well, allowed me to step in and still benefit from the new Sidewinder pivots. I will download some photos and post them here shortly. I do NOT recommend you do this.

I have chosen to do this mod on my own for my own benefit not anyone else's.

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Photos of a mod that is NOT recommended by anyone including myself or Bomber Industries.

Fin or moderators, any issue with this posting at all? Feel free to delete it.

I used a TD2 Cant to lower the total height.

I think it is actually easier to step into that the Std TD3 SI

The parts are simply the toe and heel blocks from a TD3 SI. NO other parts used.

The rest you can see/ or figure out.

Use of this mod may result in death or serious injury. It is untested by anyone with much sense, just a old fat guy that doesn't want to bend over.




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Most excellent work Bryan! Tell us why you used a TD2 base plate and bumper instead of a TD3, please.

Think Snow!

Thanks , glad you asked!

I found the height of the mod'd binding to be taller than I like. Plus, I am getting plenty of movement without the TD3 Cant. In fact I am looking to install stiffer elastomers in the SW to stiffen them up a bit more. I may also put a red elastomer in the front Std TD3 bindings to help with this.

Other tid bits:

Turning the toe plate around provides clearance for the main mounting bolt

and minimizes the cantilever effect of leaving it the normal direction.

It also helps to keep the boot more centered.

The result of this stacking (even with the use of the TD2 cant plate) is slightly taller than the std TD3 SW binding.

My boot is a AF600 M29/ This mod limits the adjustment range considerably.

Don't you dare right click and save as these photos, I will know if you do :nono:

This is a good way to make one untested risky binding out of two perfectly safe and trusted bindings :smashfrea

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Nice work Bryan! How did you actually attach the pieces to the SW lowers?

I drilled and tapped the orginal SW plate for the two original bolts from the TD3 SI. Funny, there are dimples machined into the SW toe and heal blocks EXACTLY were I drilled. They line up perfectly with the original parts. Four holes total.

How they are attached exactly is a little more tricky. To get enough meat

to feel completely comfortable you need to .................

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Did you drill and tap the toe and heel block in order to add the second toe block and the heel receiver? Or was there enough clearance to just drill and nut it?

I guess you were still typing? Beat you to it :)

If a person was to drill clear through, the nut would hit when you flexed the bindings. We wouldn't want that!!!:eek:

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could you go over the disclaimer just one more time? :)
Sure, glad you asked.

DON'T DO THIS. It may cause serious injury or death. NO one including myself or Bomber Industries is suggesting you turn two perfectly good bindings into one untested one that will surely KILL you. Just turn and walk away before you die. NOW!!!!!!!

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