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NASTAR Nationals roll-call


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More or less :-

"The Resort Rankings are used to qualify Alpine racers for the Nature Valley NASTAR National Championships. Participants receive a Resort Ranking at each resort where they race after completing just ONE Nature Valley NASTAR race. Participants qualify if they are ranked in the top three in their age & gender category in their division at any Nature Valley NASTAR resort as of Tuesday, February 16, 2010. "

In my case I qualified as #2 in 2 people.

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I qualified on the NASTAR course at WP and Copper MT. The WP course is on Bashor. It is fairly flat, but the day I raced it, it was set with the gates way off set, ie very turny. I believe that the national snowboard course will be set on Lower Cramner run which is a bit steeper. Don't know how it will be set. I plan on attending, as I had a good time at Steamboat last year.


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Just curious, do they use snowboard gates for Nastar at Nationals? We just got Nastar back in NorCal at Alpine Meadows and I've been sort of tempted to take a few laps on a board. The course is pretty easy and I know I could rip it up, even with tall gates. I've run it a few times on skis just for fun when I take students through as a training exercise.

And, is Nationals held in CO every year?

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Hi yes NASTAR Championships have been in CO for the last 5 years. At Winter Park this year. You could rip it up on this Donek board. It is all tuned up and ready for someone to really do some carving on it. I only rode it once and prefer my softie stuff. Let me know if you are interested. Nancy

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And, is Nationals held in CO every year?

I started attending at Park City in 2004. There were a few years when they weren't held but here's the history as far as I could determine. Note: Only once in the east (1971).

2010 Winter Park

2009 Steamboat

2008 Steamboat

2007 Steamboat

2006 Steamboat

2005 Park City

2004 Park City

2003 Park City

2002 Park City

2001 Beaver Creek

2000 Beaver Creek

1999 ?

1998 Snowmass

1997 ?

1996 ?

1995 ?

1994 ?

1993 ?

1992 ? (Ironically there was a National Snowboarding Pacesetter in 1992 - Kevin Delaney)

1991 Snowbird

1990 Winter Park

1989 Beaver Creek

1988 Steamboat

1987 Snowmass

1986 Keystone

1985 Sun Valley

1984 Aspen

1983 Steamboat

1982 (not held)

1981 Heavenly

1980 Vail

1979 Park City

1978 Squaw Valley

1977 Keystone

1976 Snowmass

1975 Steamboat

1974 Sun Valley

1973 Alpine Meadows

1972 Aspen Highlands

1971 Mt. Snow

1970 Vail

1969 Heavenly

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I put together a video of last year's event. There's a lot of just people pictures of friends but there is some limited footage of snowboard racing.

One of the joys of going out there is rubbing elbows with former US Team members and Olympians. In this video you might recognize Daron Rahlves, AJ Kitt, Heidi Voelker, Dian Roffe, Billy Kidd, and Doug Lewis. In other years I've had the pleasure of chatting with Phil Mahre, Casey Puckett, Bryon Friedman, Chad Fleisher, Debbie Armstrong and many more.

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Guest shrederjen

I pulled the trigger! I'm there!

Welcome to Bomber, Flygirl!

Looks like the 'older snowboard women'

(but young at heart!) will have a good showing!

I trust I will also see you guys in Ta Hell You Ride, following NASTAR?

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