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i happened to be looking here the other day and even mentioned it in the thread right next to yours :p scroll down a little bit in that first link for a picture of the ankle wrap that comes with burton boots or one of several that you can buy off tognar.

or, a good amount of people like to make their own stuff.

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I should re-state that...

By tightening them down as much as possible I mean as tight as I can physically tighten them, not tight as in the strap isn't short enough.

I'm not sure on the gap between my foot and the outside shell, is there an easy way to measure that?

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Your boots are probably too big. Put your naked foot in the shell without the liner, with your big toe touching the end. If you can get 2 fingers behind your heel, it's too big. The new Deeluxe Speed Model Red liners take up more volume than the black, you should get some of those if you don't want to get smaller boots.


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When you say smaller boot are you meaning a different size (mondo) or a differerent manufacturer at the same size. My foot feels pretty cramped in there right now length wise and really tight width wise, just the vertical movement is annoying when changing toeside/healside.

Hopefully I'll make it out to pine knob soon, I have Thursday's off and I may try to make it out there this next Thursday coming up.

When do you usually go? I'd love to go when someone else is out there so I can get some pointers (still a big noob that is used to softboot carving).


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I've also had some bootfitting issues that I thought I should share.

Left foot measures 26. Right foot measures 27. Width 11cm. High arch,rigid cavus type feet with egyptian toes (thanks yyzcanuck!)Also have low volume ankle.

I started out in size 26 Deeluxe Suzukas, and after stretching them out alot, they just about worked except my big toe on my right foot was hitting the front of the boot, even after grinding out the shell there.

I switched to size 27s stretched them out alot (about14mm)and they are working well.

I built up the instep area with stiff foam to take up some extra room there. I think Deluxes have alot of room in the instep area, but if I crank down the second buckle it puts to much pressure on the top of the foot which makes it cramp. Also it seems if you run the buckles tight it makes the boots stiff and uncomfortable.

I used 1mm thick windsurfing boom regripping material and build up as needed it does not compress much. Black marker shows where instep stap is on shell. It sounds like other people have had success with the eliminator tongue pads. I believe they also fill in this area over the instep. I also use a beefy booster strap.


High stiff arches. When I measure my feet there is not much difference between standing on bare floor vs standing on custom footbed. I suspect people with a flatter foot or with "fallen" arches will have a bigger difference. So I would be in the camp of measure feet standing on footbed. Picture shows imprint of feet standing on frosty deck. Cold.


I've ridden these boots now for 3 seasons and they are the most comfortable, warm, high performance boots I've ever had. They took alot of work to get there, but I enjoy doing it. Also as has been said before if you have a bootfitter do your work, be sure they will guarantee fit in case you need to see them several times

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