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cheapest shipping from austria


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Bob, if you get an Apex board before the ECES you better show up with it and show your new bling off.

yeah, I'd be more than happy to get it to jack to make it into his board test as well. good call, you knew exactly what I was going for!

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If you have fedex account # from the US, it can be cheaper to pick it up from your account directly where the sender is. Sending otherwise is in the 100-180 euros range depending on the companies ( Fedex, TNT, DPD, DHL etc..)

Petrol tax is between 15-18% too adding to the cost they give you ( its crazy)...

This shows also the unfair way overseas to/from the US is managed worldwide: it must have something to do with politics/economics ( its about 3 times cheaper to ship from the US to europe than the opposite...)...but its not much any of us can do to make it cheaper from here...


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Because they have a business account with those guys. That's why they can get things cheaper. We as individuals make no substant quantity's, that's why. Too much hassle and administration for a company to deal with one shipment. Just think about how many things BLUE TOMATO will ship in one day! Therefore I have an account here in the Netherlands with a shipbroker as an individual so I can profit from their quantity contract. I just fill in the stuff behind my desk and get the cheapest broker I can choose from, package I can ship from anywhere and is even picked up from a home address' if I want.

Have shipped a few boards oversease by them. Was around EUR 100.-- range till 140.


Just calculated one board from my house to Bomber, 5 kgs, 190cm, about EUR 65.--. May be there are some administrationcosts involved in the aftercalculation, so about total max EUR 100.--

If you can pass the board to me I can help.

Edit2: I have asked/emailed them if can ship from Austria to USA through my account in the Netherlands.

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