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Track 700 question - arch strap issue w/pic

Mellow Yellow

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So I just replaced my old Suzukas with brand new 700's. The arch strap does not strap tight enough. I find it very odd, because when it is at the loosest setting there is NO tension at all. At the tighest setting, it is hardly enough. I have the micro adjust set to the shortest setting. It's like the strap is waaaaay too long.

Anyone with Track 700s experience this????


I just notced in this post Here- my strap is different from the one pictured.... do my boots have the wrong arch strap???

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I have these boots in size 28 and have them on the second tightest setting and they are perfect with good arch supports.

You could do it yourself or get a shop to remount the bracket slightly lower on your boot. Only downside is the additional hole is the shell but that can be plugged.

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i have the boot. i think when it's set at it's tightest or second tightest it's good in the arch area, but it seems like i can't get the cuff of the boot tight enough ever....

If you didn't know, you can move the "teeth" on the cuff straps to allow for a tighter fit. You just have to punch a hole. Look at the back of the strap and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Every decent skishop sell those straps in different lengths. Just take away the plastic top of the strap and replace the strap with a smaller one.

Yeah... I'm in North Carolina.... they are far and few between ;)

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Once you get to the tightest setting on the arch buckle the boot is defoming pretty heavily. I wouldn't want to clamp it further. I had this same problem until I switched to an Intuition liner and left this buckle pretty loose during liner molding. Now I'm on the 2nd tightest step with some range of adjustment.

A boot fitter could fix this with some more foam in the arch area.

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I can't see your photo here at work because photobucket is blocked as "online storage", but do you have the 2010 boots with the red bottom shell? Or 2009 with white bottom shell?

2009 liners were pretty thin. 2010 liners are back to the original Thermoflex style which are very similar to Intuition, and they take up more volume. I had 2009 boots - I measured my foot at 28.3cm, and got size 28. They were too big with the stock liner, so I switched to my old gray Thermoflexes and that helped a lot. I would alternate between the second or third notch on the instep strap. This year I've gone to size 27 and the fit is a lot more, shall we say "high performance", but I am having the shells stretched for more room in the toe. I am at the first notch on the instep strap.

It sounds like you might have gotten a size too big. This will be a big problem if your boot is a 2009, in which case you will probably need Intuition liners to help make up the difference. Also, if you don't have good custom footbeds with rigid arch support, get some. You will be glad you did. Raising your arch up to where it is <i>supposed</i> to be could help with this problem. But you should get custom footbeds either way.

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Jack - they are 08/09s, same as yours. I actually went down a shell size with these! So it makes no sense to me why the arch strap puts down so little tension. Funny thing is, the other straps can be cranked down. I sent you the pic.

Yeah, my boots had the same straps as yours (so does the 2010 boot), however it does look like your strap is quite a bit longer than mine. My strap would at least tension slightly on the first notch, not be up in outer space like yours! Looks like you might have gotten a factory oops. I wonder if Fin could send you a shorter strap? edit - try Pat's suggestion first.

I'm in the 2010 boot now...


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yep - micro is all the way in... in the pic I do have the toe strap at it's tightest, but even with the toe set loose there is no tension on the arch.... if you actually take the arch strap and just hold it down across the boot it reaches the last tooth on the buckle... in other words the first 4 teeth are useless!

edit - both straps are the same length

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