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Bmes 2010


BMES 2010 Dates  

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  1. 1. BMES 2010 Dates

    • February 25-26
    • March 11-12
    • March 18-19
    • March 25-26
    • Whenever, I can make most any date

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Looking for input for this years gathering.

Suggesting a Thursday and Friday to allow flexibility for folks and more time together. No formal events, just getting together to ride.

It seems February event calendar is pretty chocked full of events that would impede use of Razor and possibly other runs.


March is more open with only Nastar on Thursday.


Keep in mind, ECES is the week of March 1 and I know a handful of us will be there.

Hope to see an even bigger turnout this year. If we get enough, I will contact Bruce at Coiler to see if he would let me borrow a few boards to test ride.

Thanks and hope that the season is settling in well for everyone.


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Chubz - hope your having an awesome season!

I did a belleayre trip this past Sunday and it went well. I was pushing the BMES - most said they will show.

I just made plans for Snowbird March 13-20.

I will also be hitting the ECES on Friday March 5th. Just for a day trip - can you imagine that - all that driving for a day of carving...:eplus2: no doubt it's worth it.

Anyway - I know you didn't pick the date of BMES yes - keep me in mind, I would hate to miss it.


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emorris, a friend that I ride with (60 something) at Blue broke his leg in mid December, doc told him the same thing. The first day he was suppose to be at therapy he was at Blue!! When he went back to doc for follow up :eek: doc said I haven't heard anything from therapy yet :confused: but it looks great, whatever you're doing keep doing it :biggthump.

I told him to save his used lift tickets and turn them in to his insurance company.

Lift Ticket $29, Therapy $80/session, look at all the $$ he's saving the insurance company!

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I want to get back on a board as soon as possible. I guess that as soon as I can get into the boot and put it in a binding without pain, I will back out there. Holding BMES later in march gives me a better chance of being there.

But I like that story. Goes with what I was thinking.

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been a skier all my life and just got bored with tearing down east coast mtns. so i took up snowboarding this year. i've been riding soft boot setup because no one would rent me a hard boot set. but i really want to get into hard booting. i live in rockland county so can get up to any of the NY mtns or Blue (which is where i actually started snowboarding). would love to go out with a carver to show me the ropes. when you're planning this trip, does anyone have a old setup they're just not using so i can at least try? i have no idea what kind of board i would like, and don't want to put down a few hundred dollars right now on a setup that might not be for me. any help / advice would be much appreciated. ilan

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