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Racer Unloading Race Gear (Kessler,Hangle Plates, Intecs, etc...)


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We'll my friends, the time has come when I must realize that the PGS at Cypress in February is out of reach. Therefore, I am selling off my main race equipment.

Here is the list of equipment:


**SOLD** 2007 Kessler KST 185 w/Hangle Plates (regular). Serial# 3527. Originally, built for a rider 165+lbs rider. I acquired it in February and have put in the course only four times (Tremblant, Copper, Steamboatx2). It still is in race-able condition and would be my weapon of choice today. It will need a base grind to get out any flaws, but has no damage. Hangle Plates: For obvious reasons, I have the plates on the board, they can be removed, but the board is being sold with them (unless someone really does not want them). Overall, a good race board either a ASA rider or another top rider that wants a good 'course slip' board. The board has standard inserts as well. - - Price: $700 + Shipping



**SOLD**Raichle 225s with Intec Step-Ins & BTS Springs (Ver.1) - Mondo 26/US Size 8.5 - Here are the race boots that I've used for the past several years. I've reinforced all buckles and replaced the tongue with the Raichle gray race tongue. Intec Step-Ins and also version 1 of the Bomber BTS Springs. Liner is is good condition and is a original 225 - size mondo 25.5. - - Price: $85 + Shipping


4225084787_d130e73044_m.jpg**SOLD**Intec/F2 Step-In Bindings - Still in good condition, these step-ins were my choice for the Nor-Ams this past year. These are a few years old, but still race level quality. The plates were painted black in order to resist the chipping that the original plating had. - - Price $50+Shipping **Note: if boots are purchased also, will combine shipping

4225855882_22beb17f61_m.jpg 4225855372_7334ce5483_m.jpg

Karbon GS Speed Suit Size Large - Just purchased in January of 2009, and used only in four races - this suit is practically NEW. Take a look at the pictures and you'll see. This is a large speed suit for riders 5'6''-6'1'' 150-180. Great condition overall. - - Price $150 + shipping



Artech 12" Black Shin Guards - Yes, I'm selling of these as well. You know the story, practically new since I bought them this year, of the 100 gates that I passed during the races this year, I maybe (and I really mean maybe) shinned 10 gates? No joke, I was probably better off not wearing these - anyway, they are for sale too. - - Price $30 Shipped


There you have it. I'm going to leave my Flickr pictures link, but will also start to load the pictures as well. There are a few more pictures on the Flickr site. As always, first money transfer gets the product (out of respect for all of us riders).


Thanks for looking guys - Jondre

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I keep checking your blog for updates. I'm sorry to hear you are giving up the dream. Sounded like you were putting in one helluvan effort. My hat is off to you brutha.

Have fun with the family and let me know if you make it to CO again for work. We'll get together to ride, eat, drink, chat, whatever.


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