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Just one more run...pleeeease

Mellow Yellow

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Guest junecarver

i'd post a webshot...but it would be gray because it is SNOWING! this is the last weekend at june but mammoth will be open another 2 months...come on out and CARVE.

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Guest Pre School Rider

What I do is grab the Slalom and Downhill Skateboards,head up to some nice,open,fresh tarred slope,and bust loose some nice,flowing turns. Of course,I've got another possiblity or two,as Killington stays open,but is mostly slushy bumps now,and then there's Tuckerman's Ravine up by Mt. Washington,which usually holds snow for anther month or so. If you don't have the snow,look into a longboard skateboard,or mountainboard,or slalom setup,whatever... Using a skateboard,surfboard,wakeboard,dirtboard will keep all the same muscles moving pretty much the way they're used to doing,and you'll find that long warm spell of 'summer' is a lot shorter than it used to be!

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Today at Kirkwood, I layed down your turns for you :D (two full runs, not just one). I would have done it yesterday, but it softened up pretty good around 1:30pm and I hadn't gotten to 30 yet. All turns were performed with a Prior 4X4 with 2" of fresh powder on top of groomed. In a few words, today was awesome! I'll be back up on Thurs/Fri.


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