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Yes, it's me, the former Rabanser/Garmisch-Partenkirchen guy. The school never really took off in GAP because my ad came out in Ski Racing Magazine on September 4, 2001. And I talk about timing in my manual!

But the really big one was that a little after that, my wife, who is now fine after a TRAM Flap procedure and tons of chemo, was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. I see most things differently now. It really may not be about where you live, but how you live. Besides, if we had moved to GAP, she might have missed, or al least really postponed her mamogram.

Btw, oil is expensive and not liable to get much cheaper in the near and distant future: http://www.peakoil.net/. That might be why this is the Flat Rate Box charge to Canada, by the way:


I wish it were different, but I do the best I can.

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well hello there again, marco. you might remember me -- a deaf guy who was on the Deaf olympics snowboard race team. it was around that time 2001, when you and i last corresponded.

sorry to hear about your wife. im actually trying to save money to purchase a B4BC jacket (Board for Breast Cancer) from Sessions, which contributes certain portion to research for it. Madonna's what I'm after (the jacket) or the pink B4BC jacket. My sister had one but she's ok, and cancer's basically gone at this point of time. I wish your wife a god-speedy recovery.

good to see you, and yes im considering purchasing your book, too :)

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My 2 cents.

I purchase a copy and have skimmed through all of it, and am now giving a more careful reading. I’m now in chapter 6 – Carving.

Chapters 1 - 4 focus on such things as how to learn, how to train, your training environment, the biomechanics of the athletic position... These chapters tend to be more technically focused. The average amateur racer will either skip or skim through these chapters. Those aspiring to become coaches or trainers, or those new to coaching and training will find these chapters helpful.

Chapter 5 – starts on page 40 is where the basic to advanced snowboard stance begins. Chapter 6 Carving (Turns/Stance/Transition) and the like page 58.

Chapter 7 – starts on page 83. Race Techniques and Strategies (Focuses on turning, timing, and the like).

Chapter 8 - starts on page 100. Dryland Boarding (Is what it sounds like).

Chapter 9 - starts on page 104. Putting it all together (short summation).

About the Author starts on page 107.

The book uses a number of photos and diagrams to illustrate what the author is talking about. Both are helpful and well done.

All-in-all it is a well put together book. It logically begins with the basics of athletics in general and works its way toward explaining the basics of snowboarding in general, and leads readers in the later chapters of the book into the fundamentals of snowboard racing.

I believe it will prove most helpful to those interested in coaching and/or training others. The average amateur racer should find chapters 5 - 7 to be of the most interest to them. Non-readers and non-academics types will find chapters 1 - 4 to be a bit challenging as it contains more technical content.

Hope this helps.

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