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Used Prior 4X4 (4WD) 169cms Alpine Snowboard

Guest NEngineer

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Really not one to get in the middle of this sh!t, but, here it goes. :flamethro

If you are going to needle someone for no reason D-sub, you might get messed with. FYI - Oldsnowboards (or what ever your nickname for him today is) didn't buy the Prior! I doubt he was interested, but you certainly set yourself up.

Bryan does so much for hardbooting up here in the Northwest. What is your fricken deal? I know you two have ridden together some in the past and are obviously not currently the best of friends. I know, as well, that there are a few others on Bomber who do not agree with some of Bryan's actions and methods, but why do you waste so much energy on a person who overall is a really good guy?

A couple of years ago Bryan let me ride a mint condition board from his collection, BEFORE I had even met him! How many of us would do that? A few days later he came up to meet us at Timberline on our third day of hardbooting, just to help us out and be a part of the stoke (It was inconvenient for him to come up that day, but he did anyway)!

You know as well as I do that Bryan has taken the time to answer thousands of questions from people all over the world about snowboards and older gear. He has helped huge numbers of people find gear (including yourself) that they would enjoy or they needed for their own collections. He spends countless hours shooting, editing and posting alpine snowboard videos and photos for us all to enjoy, and he certainly gets more days on the snow than most of us here, and on, and on.

Sorry Bryan if this is more than you want to see in print.

D-sub, please move on to something else, this is old!

Sincerely, Buell

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Welcome to the wonderfull word of carving and our friendly community.

You've got a great carving board there.

You'll figure out that arguing and little on-line fights are the part of folclore here and also serve as entertainment and vent for no-snow periods. Actually, we are all frends here. Bryan and D-Sub are both good guys, in their own ways.


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With every great deal on BOL there's always somebody that misses out and gets miffed about it...

Nobody cares about the $700 used once Prior that doesn't ever sell, but the $150 4WD causes all kinds of problems.

In the end this board is where it should be: In the hands of a new carver.

I'd be very upset if it got vacummed up by either Bryan or D-Sub and rotted in a basement as part of a collection OR got resold on Ebay 1/2 way through the season.

Bryan is a good guy that has helped me out a few times. D-Sub I'm sure would be a great guy to hang with despite our few run-ins here on BOL. It would be nice if everybody would start over fresh-after all we're all here for one common thing and there's only a few of us left out there amongst the jibbing masses.

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well said d-shredd

:lol: which part? That's really, really funny how vague your post is. Could be read many different ways. All good.

D-sub, the irony in that statement from you, aimed at somone else on Bomber, is just amazing.


point taken.

I think I may have to change my signature...


I'd be very upset if it got vacummed up by either Bryan or D-Sub and rotted in a basement as part of a collection OR got resold on Ebay 1/2 way through the season.

Most likely won't happen with me...oh except that Maverick.

Boys will be boys. Just ignore them and they'll go away.

I aint goin anywhere ;)

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D-Sub doesn't buy many boards, he was just reacting because the gear vacuum (either oldsnowboards or Thor) was buying lots of used boards. Oldsnowboards is a collector, that's his thing, but Thor is selling lots of the boards he bough (see other thread). I'm not defending D-Sub (he can do that himself), just clarifying the situation.

P.S. did you know on some forums, discussion in not tolerated in Classifieds sections and people get warnings for this. Glad it's not the case here, half of the action on Bomber is in the classifieds!:lurk:

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