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Name Dano's new boat


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Dano just scored a Macgregor sailboat. His wife will be thrilled if we can come up with a name for her that has something to do with waiting for snow and carving, but sailing and windsurfing to fill the jones during the summer, sort of.

not his boat but a great place to sail-salem to gloucester,ma




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so far, we've got :

PASSING WIND ( my personal favorite )

The Wet Spot

Wind & Gas

Wetback Mountain

but dano's first choice is.....BOATY CALL

pebu, sometimes it's hard to tell if yer kidding...or not, little buddy :cool:


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too bad TVland doesn't show reruns

We can't get cable where we live. We get basic television on the antenna. Not to mention, if we did have cable or satellite I'd be too busy watching the history channel, discovery and tlc (and Warren Miller on OLN) to watch tvland.

Whoops, I meant to add that I liked Liquid Snow...

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How about SOFT SNOW

winter waiter


No Snow


free gas

melted winter

melted joy

summer hobby

wind waiter

let it blow

I wish I had a kite quiver

water carver

h20 railer

bow digger

rail to rail

lay it over

get layed over the world

mast dragger

get low

not you mommys boat

Ok so I just spent 10 days sailing from San Fran to seattle and am board

good luck and great wind!!!

I hear you can wake board be hind thoose 26 footers under motor?

they make plane and all??

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even better, Billy. she's a 19' with a 40 horse.

should be able to wakeboard with no water ballast in it.

she'll do 20 mph full speed - big guys prob need a strapped surfboard.

Hope to post a full report soon.

kite quiver, dano will love that one.

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Name it "Next Month's Rent" or something like that...

pretty sure dano has a mortgage....

there's alot of lame names for boats: On Call, The DogHouse, FantaSea, that kinda crap.

Seaward was pretty damn funny,tho.

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For the ideas. We're pretty excited. Just got her in the water, so we'll see what name suits her. For now, per my 7 and 4 year old, we are just calling her "Boaty".

She's small, but lots of fun so far for the whole family. I already lost an anchor and my work treo overboard...doh!

She planes off nicely with the 40 horse, quite a shock to the locals when I swoosh by at 25 MPH in a sailboat!



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