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The boots are 224's, probably 4 years old, used mabey 5 times. Wife lifes her free ride board more than hard boots. You all know the molds on these boots never change.

the boards are in very good condition, most still have wax on the bottom. no coar shots, can send better pics if people want.

The mystery board is a 177 twin tip bx burner. MF had a few made and I got one. it has a 10.5m side cut and rides sweet. I do not plan on selling this, and don't hjack the thread about this board. If you are serious - send me a cash offer. It needs to be a stupid offer to make me part with it.

I want to sell the boards as they are, I do not want to seperate bindings. send cash offers or it all goes to the sluts on ebay.




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send cash offers or it all goes to the sluts on ebay.

Nice! Sluts are good m'k?

You should seperate the bindings. They look like TD1's but your pics are pretty much crapola so it's hard to tell. The folks that are going to want the 188 burner will probablly not be interested in having to pay extra for the bindings. If they were TD2's maybe, but not TD1's.

But whatever you wanna do it's your stuff after all.

Oh yeah and you shouldn't say "PM me" and not respond to PM's...

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