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Wild Duck

big mario

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Wild Duck 181, limited series

nose: 22.9

tail: 22.95

waist: 18.5

effective edge: 159

radius: 14.49

I don't know what year, but it still has camber, softer flexing, won't punish you for rider error. Includes a "beer style" loveland sticker all for the low price of $50 plus shipping..





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Boris, its got about 1/2", 13 mm for you canucks, of camber left. Pics are now up

Dave, I did not get your email, I will check my cp and mke sure it is enabled, and yes it is a reverse taper.

thanks to all of you for your interest.


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Only good stuf makes it to ebay. Just look at the picks. Price might be high.

LMFAO check this guy out!

$50, high?


"only the good stuff makes it to ebay" great one!

TT..man...I will never, ever, ever be able to compete with The Gear Vacuum. Ever.

I own four boards, two of which will be up for sale soon, then grabbing this and a donek this year. This board will likely move on this year, so Ill have three total...one full carver, one all mountain, and one softboot freeride.

two pairs of bindings that will end up as only one this year as well. one pair softboots, one pair hard

calling me TGV is like saying the real GV is not OCD about snowboards :)

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