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  1. 2018 Endeavor Hammerhead 163 - Softboot carving specific Bought "used" from piusthedrcarve on bomberonline/alpinesnowboarder and put about 15 days on it last year and the previous spring. Selling because I managed to drop the 20+ extra pounds I was carrying and am back down to 145ish. Riding it last year at 170 lbs felt like I was already on the lower end of the weight range. I've also gone a little crazy buying gear for me and kiddo and something has to go! I'm happy to answer any questions from a crossover softbooter perspective, but Piusthe rcarve's thoughts are going to be way more informed than my own. The original sales thread links to his reviews. http://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/46212-sold-endeavor-hammerhead-163-softboot-carving-specific/ Base 9.5/10 no scratches per say, but not 100% pristine. Top sheet 8.5/10 with just a touch of visible rash and mild scratch here and there. Edges are 8.5/10 as they has some sections of superficial rust that ahould disappear with tune. (apparently I was lazy returning from its last trip out) I've only gently tuned it once last year so plenty of edge left. Waist Width: 25.2 cm Length: 163 cm Effective Edge: 138 cm Sidecut: 8-9-10 m Buyer pays shipping from 53716
  2. I remember the halcyon days of January when this thread was an enjoyable read about how people felt about softboot carving. If you ever want to turn someone off too hard boots, just link to this thread
  3. You know how to use the "find in page" feature on your desktop or mobile browser, yes?
  4. All good :) should have added them earlier, but I was in a rush.
  5. Sweet God almighty! How can these guys give opinions on so many boards and yet be so completely shocked by the sensation of popping out of a turn?!? Feel sorry for the folks who have ridden nothing but floppy rocker since it took over the market. :) Glad they took it out for a spin and posted a review though!
  6. Hey folks - FYI Endeavor has a few of the Hammerhead boards (reviewd earlier in this thread) left at their Vancouver office. They are all out of the wrapper with the odd cosmetic mark. I was talking to Chris Bishop at Endeavor and he said they could likely be had for somewhere around %40 off their $500 sticker price + shipping. Reach out to him at the Endeavor FB page or at the info@ address from the company if you are interested!
  7. Very true! I just wish I could find something to modify existing bindings.
  8. Speaking (at least a little bit) about canting, where can a person even get cant plates for soft boot bindings these days? I've been looking all over and I can't find anything!
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