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  1. Sent message. I will get one set yellow ring, 3 and 6 degree cant disk. Message me the Paypal. Thanks.
  2. Do you have yellow ring?
  3. Hello, Wonder if anyone knows if Apex Sport is in business or something else is going on there. I ordered Gecko Plate about 2weeks a go and made payment but no feedback after multiple emails. No one even picks up phone... Any help of reaching out Apex would be appreciated. Thanks - Mike
  4. Would you have any pictures to send me. 

    I am interested

    Sort of new to bomber online so let me know if this is the best way to communicate.


  5. Is this board still available

    Prior ATV (171cm x 10M SCR x 23.5cm)


  6. spy45c


    Just wonder.. what's wrong for the arm style? Spy
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