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I LOVE THIS FORUM!!! Aggression??? Checkered Pigs oh my!

Guest MahatmaBlondie

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Guest MahatmaBlondie

Hey I just signed up today and this is LOVE at first site.

Im 30 years old, been riding hard boot/plate bindings since 1992. Im female, was the first snowboard instructor at my local hill, and one of very few locally who ride hardboots/carve. I love the quick turn boards, I like to whip em around.

My first board was a Checkered Pig F-16 with checkered pig bindings. For those of you who arent familiar with Checkered Pig, its a board made by Mercedes Benz. I rode Lange bannana ski boots for years! before they came out with hardshelled boarding boots. I still have the pig board and the bindings. I also have an Oxygen Race from 1994/95 with sno-pro 7 bindings. I rode 24/7...hopping from town to town I was a snowboard bum for 3 years.

Im here because Ive been out of the loop for about 3 years now, settled down, got married, and Im behind the times on what is hot these days but Im ready to get back in full throttle.

Im also here because Im looking for an Aggression Stealth snowboard...looking for 152-160max. I'd DIE to have one with the stainless steel top/cap.

Or, I'd also like advice on what current boards get your vote as being wickedly fast turning rides, no GS, just slalom race and free-carve on my local icy hill.

I was looking at Donek but Im not sure as they dont have a size smaller than 160. Also I found closeout on Rossignol 155 World Cup but Ive heard those are sluggish turners. Any suggestions?

Anyone have some OLD school race boards that you're looking to sell PLEASE AIM me or email me.

Thank you so much, this forum ROCKS!

Carve on,


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Any vone tell you , dat you right like a guy! hhhhhhhmmmm!

Da name is too ah how you say! You'll have to do better than dat!

Plus too much knowledge about it maybe perhaps!

I 38 years been riding fur sometime tink over 17 years now. Oh Checker pig, Ja I remeber, day vent down hill cause dat female who was ja doing da owner became the Marketing Mgr. Hot, but not much Stroodle upstairs!

1991/92 i Had Checker Pig G6 grey, had the deleration of indepence (US) ritten on it. And the Bindings would have been the CPX Race Binding. Funny I looky at brochure write now!

That would of put you around 19, pretty fancy schmancy set up for 19.

Hmm me schmell a Nielglkrieder in de Kuchen!

Proof! so now dat make 5 female;s out of 400 on bomber.:mad:

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Guest MahatmaBlondie

Heh, yes CPX bindings, I have the board and the bindings in my hall closet right now. The older I get the more Im loving this nostalgia thing. I was just looking for the arcade version of Dragon Lair on ebay the other day. Oye Veigh! I feel old.

Yes I am female and yep, I was about 19 when I had the checkered pig set up. I was fortunate to be dating a ski rep at the time so I had nice components. ;)

Im just a female who happens to like cool things. I also like playing with cars,


Ive always loathed ladies who do "cool" things because guys do them...so they can meet "guys". I remember being the only girl on the slope back in 1992..and when snowboarding took off lots of girls stood at the top of the slope on snowboards...but didnt know how to ride. Made me sick.

I do what I do because I love it, I do it to the max, and I just happened to meet a guy as a fringe benefit ( my husband) while racing cars. Fun stuff rules!

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West Virgina, interesting, ja just saw movie called "Wrong Turn" so do all look like dem?

Snowshoe, is so crowded like ants on day old mechsnkandl ! Silver Creek is not so bad, been long time any better now dat da neon has left?

So now var do you put your boot straps and Nickers on, still Snowshoe?


Me still no buy this, smelling like Mellow is dis doing? Need more! maybe swimsuit picture?:rolleyes:

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Guest MahatmaBlondie

Im not from West Virginia, I will say that some of the locals that live near snowshoe are rather scary.

PS, your avatar is rather scary. I keep thinking of the German guy who killed the guy he met on the internet and ate him.

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Cool! I can't help with the vintage snowboards, but we have similar interests! Check eBay.com for old snowboards, they pop up occasionally.

I'm just getting back into snowboarding. I got sick of jumping/freestyle, so I've just bought a carving board setup. In my spare time, I also autocross a Miata and run the local autocross program.

Pic 1

Pic 2

I even have an in-car video. (almost 7 MB, right-click, save as...)

I strongly believe that the skills I learned from snowboarding helped me drive a car better on the limit. The whole feeling of sliding and how keeping it clean makes for faster times.

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Same ting isn't it? where do you ride in Cincinnatti?

Ja, dat was friend of mine Karl Vagner, it is traditional carnivoir holiday called "Eat da Moron who responds to dis Email, Mit no seasonings!"

so, no photo, I donut know about sister, does she have all teef? are they her's?

Ja dis is not scary, you want to see something realy scarey so you no sleep gute at night, go here!


Right Said Shred

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Originally posted by MahatmaBlondie


Nice cars. I've been along for a ride in an impreza 2.5 shiv tuned... man he knows his stuff with the tecII... that car was dialed in so perfectly you'd never know it wasn't that way from factory. I bet that miata is a giggle... that's like 5lbs/hp in a cute little tossable car.

Those motorsport elises are stunning.

I strongly believe that the skills I learned from snowboarding helped me drive a car better on the limit

I totally agree... they're both balance sports. And it's not just us. Pat Richard , a rising star for north american rally has said things comparing snowboarding and rally a few times... I've heard he used to race in amature boardercross too, but don't know that for sure.

I even have an in-car video.

That's sweet... looks like your region sets up some nice courses with slaloms, sweepers and a bit of speed to them.

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Guest Randy S.


Check out the Specs Page at Donek. He's built a bunch of custom boards in sub-160 size with flex for women. If you call Sean, I'm sure he can find something that would work for you. If he's already built it custom for someone else, you don't have to pay the up-front custom pattern fees.

Have fun riding.

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I did an engine swap too, using a Ford 5.0 liter with a manny trans. Instead of a Miata I used a 84 Volvo Turbo wagon. Everything fit nicely and there was only one hole that I had to cut in the firewall to pass the harness through. That thing was a great grocery getter/ total sleeper too. I wish I never sold that car.

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