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What's Your Deeluxe Hardboot Forward Lean Settings?


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So I ditched the BTS and went back to the oem 5 position Lean mechanism and I like the response much better!

On multiple videos I had seen Sean using just the Deeluxe oem forward Lean Mechanism with  his Track 325's on his MK........and looking so smoooth!

So I asked him what Lean settings he's using with that combo and Sean sent  me a photo of his forward lean settings on his Deeluxe Track 325 boots he rides with his MK.   He's goofy, so #4 setting on his front right boot and #5 on his rear left boot.

I've tried lean settings of 2/4, 4/2 and 4/4  on groomer days on my 425's.  They all sorta work and I can hit 3-5 good carves before I lose the groove as I haven't found the sweet spot ye! 

So questions:   Anybody else besides Sean riding at #5 Lean Position for either foot/boot for Carving??     On my boots when the lean mechanism is set to #5 position on my 425's it creates a huge gap between the liner and the Boot cuff....even with my foot in the boot! 

Also when in position #5 the top two buckles won't/can't reach the tooth plates!...... so how do you buckle them without getting new/longer  upper boot straps??

So....what lean mechanism settings are you using with your Deeluxe Hardboots on the groomers for hard Charging Carving!!



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Is it groundhog day?  I swear I read this before. 

I never had BTS on my Raichles and when I switched to UPZ RC11, I was shocked by how much they flexed and soon ordered the orange race springs to help stiffen them up.  I proceeded to add a lot of preload to the orange springs as well...  I've since been backing off the preload to get them to flex more.  I no longer feel that they are super flexy.

I was running max forward lean in my rear foot, and considerably more upright in my Raichles.  

Once your foot is in the liner and boot, you can't lean back to let everything close up?  The liner can't be that stiff to prevent you from pushing your calf back into the cuff?

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How much salt do you put in soup? The right amount for you. 😉

When I used the stock Deluxe mech I was middle on front foot, all the way forward on rear foot. 

It's super easy to change, even mid run. So try one extreme and ride a bit. Then try the other extreme. Your body will let you know when it's not a good match for your style. 

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3 hours ago, slabber said:

I swear I read this before.

True that Slab!    That post was about who ditched  BTS and why.

This is about what specific # lean mechanism settings Deeluxe hardboot people are using and if there's any rhyme or reason to those settings....... so far the answer is No!   So far the settings I'm seeing cover the 5 position range and all in between settings!

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@barryj Think about where you want your front lower leg to start from and go to as you make a turn and absorb the bumps. Now do the same for your rear leg.

Get someone to video you with a mobile phone from the side. Stand in your stance position and distance but without your boots on. Now from a glide/rest position go through the up and down motions of a few turns. Now look at the video and see where your legs naturally want to start from, in particular how vertical, or not, your lower legs are. And they will not be the same.

Stop flailing around trying to find appropriate settings and instead, use your brain and look at the way YOUR body functions.

The starting position is where to preset your boot cuffs to. If one of your lower legs needs to move through a larger arc to make the turn movements setup your spring system on that boot to allow it to do so. If one of your legs moves through a relatively small arc, then just use the boot flex of the fixed position to accommodate that, or refit your spring system and tighten up the springs to allow that range of motion.

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