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Finally! Day 1 of the Season!


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9 minutes ago, crackaddict said:

You're way better looking than I had imagined...

Aw Crack your making me blush!    Really I owe my Godly good looks to the Virtika jacket....it's a fashion game changer! 

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Just got back from my 5th  outing of my season, night riding up at Boreal still.  I'm feeling good I'm making progress!  I'm up to 7! laps off the top, and those were without having to take my boot off to get the pressure off the ankle scar!!.  But by the end of the 7th lap my ankle was telling me.....Bro, Hell No!  

Docs are still saying I should be cleared for returning to on hill work at my local hill Squaw/Palisades March 1st! 🏂

 I can almost see the light at the end of this (nightmare) tunnel! 🎉



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Barry just take it easy. Let’s hope for long season like last year. I was doing Mammoth at July. I am going back to work on Tuesday. I need medical insurance, but I will see if it will not work I will go to retirement and will pay for it from my pocket.

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Life has been a bit hectic for me. I have 3 boys now and 2 are currently beginner skiers, ages 7 and 4. When we go to the mountain I ride snowblades which helps me stay on their level. That being said, its been hard to get out by myself on carving gear. Today was my first day on the skwal...man did it feel good. Mental health system slightly recharged. It does get me depressed thinking that its mid February and its the first time on this gear. Dad life...


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