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Smaller Boots or Bigger Bindings (F2 Intec)?


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Picked up a Donek Pilot/intec F2 package deal that was only used twice, the catch was the guy had abnormally small feet. Still trying to sell the small boots (FS post: Deeluxe Track 325 SZ: 24MO 6US). I bought some Raichle 123 boots off ebay and properly converted then to intec with t-nuts, only to find the length of the boot only fit at the absolute farthest adjustment in the bindings, way too much toe bail. With some research the bindings only come in M and L, I have the medium size. I though they could be converted to L with just a new heel piece but I was mistaken, a whole new binding is required.

To get to the point: is it worth keeping the kinda huge and old pair of Raichle boots and buying new L size intecs or should I buy some good quality shorter length boots (27.5MO) that will work with the M size?

This will be my first season hardbooting any help appreciated

Still looking for a good used pair of 27.5MO boots

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For bail bindings the difference between M and L is just the toe and heel pieces, the base plates are identical, and also for an L Intec. But it could be that M intec baseplates are different. Are the base plates symmetric fore / aft? Could you share a photo?

Anyway, if the choice is between buying new bindings or buying new boots, definitely get some proper fitting boots, even if they are more expensive. You will want new boots at some point anyway, and then the new bindings you bought would be obsolete.

If you want to go cheap for now, consider non-intec bindings. Probably easier to get a used pair cheap. If you only have the intec heels, these are fine in F2 bail bindings, and probably in other brands as well. 


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If you are a size 27.5 you should definitely not get a 28.5 boot. You should look in the range 26.5 - 27.5. Indicated sizes are normally a 'comfort fit' and quite roomy, many people size down.

For UPZ sole lengths are in the table below. I could not find a chart with the Deeluxe sizes (Note: Deeluxe = Raichle, just a new name, changed about 15 years ago)



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Adding to the above, in case you don’t know how to measure for the boots as they do not fit like street shoes. You will need a helper and a metric ruler. Place the paper flush against a wall. Strand up straight with your heel pressed against the wall and have your helper mark the end of your big toe on the paper. Then measure the length in cm. That is your mondo size. 

Not only will your feet slop around in boots that are too large, there is a chance of breaking a bone inside the boot if you fall.

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Is it possible to convert M toepieces to L? AFAIK the difference is just the position of the bolts. It may be possible to just drill holes in the L position, but I do not know if they are solid plastic or if there is a recess cast in.

I do not have bindings at hand not to check, can check tomorrow. 

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New proper sized boots fit great, unfortunately shell length is exactly the same as the old raichles, I had them in storage and forgot the measurement.

Here are some reference pictures, I would appreciate it if somebody could compare baseplates to see if I could just get toe pieces, these came with the cant wedges I will need shorter hardware.










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