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Softboot board recommendation


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My daughter is looking for a softboot board recommendation.

She 5' - 4"  and 145lbs.  Currently riding a too narrow, too short ten year old K2 Fling that she is booting out when carving.

She prefers to carve the board and avoids the park, etc. so s looking for an All Mountain board.

She doesn't want a stiff race board. A quick review of threads is pointing to a Donek Phoenix. 



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What shoe size?

Many great boards on market today, but a custom Donek would be great.

Jones, women’s flagship or hovercraft would definitely be something to consider as well:  https://www.jonessnowboards.com/70-women-s-snowboards


Kindred is another very cool brand with high quality based out of Vancouver Island. https://kindredsnowstore.com/


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I would suggest the jones women's flagship … I have a women's 152 and have it setup for carving so my stance is more forward. not much shovel so not that good in powder, but I guess it would be good if I set my stance back. there is also a 155, hit the size chart … bomber power plates 40f 20b in this pic, but now ride 45f 25b … 


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