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Info on Copper Mtn., CO/ + Racing Props

dr. sandman

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First, props to my daughter (BOL member "racerXchika"), as a 16 y.o. sophomore, she just took 3rd place at the Calif/Nevada State high school snowboarding championships (SL & GS). This is only her 2nd year racing! ;)


She and I are both racing in the USASA this year and have both qualified for the Nationals in Copper Mtn., CO in early April. Was hoping for any good info regarding Copper and it's neighbors to help us enjoy the trip. Between the two of us, we'll be racing 4 of our 5 or 6 days there. We are hoping to explore at least one other area while we're at it ---- any suggestions?? Anything we should absoultely avoid or absolutely not miss??


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Though not as large or as glamourous as some of the summit/eagle county resorts, loveland does have some nice carving, and if there is fresh powder, you can't go wrong taking a little hike on top of the contintal divide and dropping in on the ridge off of Chair 9. It can be a little cold and windy up there however.

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Guest Randy S.

Hope to see you next year when nationals are at Northstar. I plan to actually show up for enough of the North Tahoe series races to qualify for Nationals next year. Will I be hosting the entire BOL contingent at my cabin for that one?

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Guest dragon fly jones

Hey Randy your still laid up??? Damn.

To the original post, Copper is right in the middle, you could go to Loveland Vail, Beaver Creek or Breck, assign each one a color grab the twister spinner and go baby go!

There will be a twister party at Copper this year. Bring your twister finery and find me at Copper, can't miss me, I am one of a kind there, well almost.

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DFJ and Phil Fell,

It's Neil from Ski Roundtop, PA.. I see you guys each year about this time... I'm arriving in Coppper on Tuesday night. I'll check you guys out on Wednesday. Look forwardto see everyone... Even got a 13 year old and a 17 year old ripper tagging along.



ps- Phil- I hear Jimmy R is Tearing up Park City. Hahahahah. I hope you're coaching him well. Firend of mine for past 10 years now....

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Guest hbdad

go to peak 10. Take the quicksilver to Falcon chair to

centennial, doublejack,cimarron. cimmarron is the alpine race

coarse. most of all the town is great. I take my 10yr old about

21days a year to breck to race&ride the back bowls.

good luck at nationals. we will be there also.


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