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A Day for Jake


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FYI- https://www.stratton.com/things-to-do/events/a-day-for-jake

Still need a lift ticket? Buy in advance and save! Get Lift Tickets

Jake’s vision was to bring snowboarding to all and we’re proud to carry that forward. In honor of Jake, Stratton will be offering a limited amount of free lift tickets on March 13, 2020.
Register at www.adayforjake.com on or before March 8th to receive a free lift ticket or just get out and ride wherever you can.
Pass holders do not need a ticket to participate in this event. Just come out and slide sideways with us!

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Agreed.  Stratton has always been a place where i felt more like a customer than anything else.  its got no soul.

For those interested, there is a a podcast series called "I Built This" centered on entrepreneurs and the stories behind how they built their business from scratch.  Jake was one from a few years back and it was pretty interesting stuff.  His best line was that he loaded up his station wagon with 38 boards on one of his first sales trips....but he came home with 40.  A guy that bought two on an earlier trip handed them back and said something like "nobody is ever going buy these".

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