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Hard Boots for my 6yr old


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My 6 yr old tried hardbooting this weekend and loved it. I just hand made some plate bindings and borrowed some ski boots, but they are not ideal. He's a 19-20 mondo point. Basically I'm looking for something thats well fitted, but has great flex. I can't for the life of me find anything that would fit this bill.

Anyone else run into this? Ideas?




84039478_130205465167242_8272651729913249792_n (1).jpg


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I do not believe there are any of the usual suspects (Deeluxe, UPZ, Burton etc) available in that size.  You'll likely have to go with ski boots with some flex modification.  There are some ski boots that adjust in length and that may save buying 1-2 sets of boots a season depending on how fast your guy grows.  NIce board!

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21 hours ago, Wolf said:

Uh, tempting but hes a 19 MP - man thats a lot of loose boot. ;-(



I haven't seen any snowboard boots smaller than these Mondo 22 Deeluxes I have for sale:



21 hours ago, Mr.E said:



I'd be worried a 4 buckle boot, even in a 20, would have cuffs up to knee height on a 6 year old.

He's way past those lol - was using a pair of Lange kids race boots this weekend - three buckle. But stiffnes was 60. Too much - he needs something like 40

Just got him a "real" race board.... the issue now is boots. I even thought that the FX (Raichlie) type ski boot with the lift up tongue might do the trick - but can't even find those small enough.


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6 hours ago, Corran said:

Heel Rivets?

Presumably he's referring to any hardware securing the cuff to the scafo along the spine, which is above the heel.

If those Langes fit, and you can modify them, there's no practical reason why your son can't prosper with them, provided his stance is configured properly.

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Yes sorry- the cuff rivets above the heel, used to modify the flex. Not the ankle hinge, but the ones in the back used to lock the cuff to the lower part of the shell. Many adult boots have one or two optional rivets or screws there. You can remve these entirerly so that its the lower part of the internal shell resisting bending. You can also cut down those internal wings for more flex.




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Awesome, little ripper, I love it! 

From what I remember of my son's baby Langes, they didnt have anything securing the upper to lower boot at the back, like the ones for grownups do... However, you can cut off bits of the lower, where it overlaps the upper, to make them flex more. Also, eliminating the 2nd buckle from the top might help. 2nd and 3rd often jam together when a small size boot is flexed forward... 

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