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No walk-up at Crystal?


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They ran out of parking....

Good or bad (idk) it seems there's a shift toward favoring multi-passes, and online ticket sales.  Locals were complaining the Ikon pass holders were causing crowding.  I've wondered if the Multi-pass model is economically advantageous to the Corporations over the buy-at-window model.

I've also wondered which is best for the user/mountain.

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When I was at Targhee last season I met more than a few Jackson skiers who said that many locals were complaining about congestion and crowding (seemingly) caused by the new participation in the Ikon pass.

Also note that A-Basin took themselves off of the Vail Epic Pass.  It was probably unsustainable.

All I know is that when I look around for a resort to visit (for an entire season), I now check to see if they are on some kind of mega-multi-pass, and consider such participation to be a demerit.

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There are signs alerting folks that there are no walk up tickets in Enumclaw about 40 miles from Crystal just before heading onto the 2-lane mountain road . On Saturday, they sent a text at 7:18 that if you had not passed Enumclaw, you would not find parking. On Sunday they did not run out of parking. The difference was that Saturday was a powder day (a few feet during the week, with a 5" Friday night refresh). It was glorious, but getting the family out of the house at 5:20 was brutal.


On 1/17/2020 at 10:18 AM, Allee said:

Limit the people to preserve the habitat, instead of trampling the habitat to accommodate the people?

I think Crystal is mostly trying to preserve their reputation, and fend off all the angry calls from people who prepaid for tickets. Parking was the limiting factor, not on-mountain crowds. Lift lines were long, but better than holiday lift lines at destination resorts.

On 1/17/2020 at 11:19 AM, rjnakata said:

Locals were complaining the Ikon pass holders were causing crowding. 

I don't think we can completely blame Ikon. This weekend showed that great conditions were the driving factor. However, on powder days, Ikon pass holders probably have a disproportionate impact since they have no reason not to hit the slopes; whereas, the $138 weekend rates would force a non-pass holder to make one extra decision.


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