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Hey Carvers,


Here is another board i am selling, is clean no gouges and lots of life left. Sorry binding no included. I took template of my favorite RAD- air i broke some years ago.

Call or test if interested.






Call me 310-614-8000 or text



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Bump for a Legit seller.  $1 per cm plus shipping.  Not many 200s come up, y’know.

i bought the other board (Sims Burner 197) and it is amazing.

Seller is a great Communicator, packaging was the most pro, ever.  Track #, answers his phone.  Obviously cares for his stuff.  Everything you’d want.

dont be deterred by low post count/ new status.  I vouch, for sure.

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Trade for a rockered Tanker 177RR in great condition? As Buell says, think about turning and you do. Just testing the waters, not sure how serious I am. Ride deep Pow like you're cheating! Seriously this thing will make you feel like you're not even trying.

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3 hours ago, Gossamer said:

Wow, just noticed I was ignored in this thread. I'm 57 and just realized that Nigeria cares!

Just can't have you feeling ignored or cared for by an entire African nation @Gossamer - send me your tanker and all your bank details and I will ask one if those caring Nigerian Princes to send you a vast sum of unmarked greenbacks!!


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Just jokes
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