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FS: Donek Proteus 170 & Madd 158 (2nd gen)


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For sale:

Donek Proteus 170. Stock specs, 19cm waist, python graphic, glossy top sheet, metal smoothness with old-school fiberglass pop, ding in nose top sheet fixed with slow-curing epoxy. Needs a base grind or some minor PTex work. Looks are 6/10, ride is 10/10. $350 US OBO. **SOLD**

Madd 158 reissue (2nd gen). This is the board you've heard about. 18cm waist. Camo/stripe/carbon butterfly topsheet. Energetic ride! Looks are 9/10, ride is 10/10. $325 US OBO. 

No dibs - first person with PayPal/cash gets it. 

Pictures to follow. They'll be with me at the Montana session Sunday-Thursday. Can ship after the session or get a buddy that's there to bring it back for you. 

Selling as I prefer wider boards. These are too good to just sit in my basement! 

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Hey Corey,

Interested...always wanted to try the Proteus.....but the few Donek's I had/tried were thigh killing stiff..at least for my legs.

What rider weight range is the 170 made for?   Was this is an all day board for you?

Have a blast at Turner!


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I'm the third (ish) owner of the 170 Proteus.  Joe Breeze had it previously, he's a pretty light guy. I rode it through a range of weights, from 230 lbs to 170 lbs. Took some effort at 170 lbs, but doable. I assume it's built for 190 lbs or so but has a wide sweet spot. 

The Proteus was pretty fun. Wild pop out of turns, but still had that damp metal ride. I tend to board swap even when there's no good reason, but I have ridden it all day before. 

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